Some samples from a guy on the fence...but close to jumping over.

Hello, everybody. My real name is Scott, but I figured there are probably a couple Of Scotts on here already, so hence the username. Before I get started, I was wondering if anybody had any before/after samples. I guess these will be my 'before'.
               Now then, I'm a guitarist/ frustrated singer who I think has gotten as far as I can on my own. I was naturally blessed with a wide range, but, in my own opinion not the greatest voice.So despite many people telling me "With a range like that, you should learn how to sing", I wouldn't even TRY for the longest time. When I finally did decide to try, I tried a few other courses, so I'm aware of some of the things Volume 1 covers. I've made some improvement, but singing- especially in the studio- is usually difficult for me. From all the testimonials I read, it does appear that Ken's program is what I've been looking for. I was a little hesitant to provide some samples, but people here seem to actually offer constructive criticism. And I'll warn you, I seem to have a polarizing voice. You know, one that people either like or simply can't stand. I'll start with the most recent song I've been working on. I'm thinking of actually re-composing a melody for the lead vocal. The current vocal pretty much just follows the chord changes in the riff, but I'm singing (well, shouting, really) a major 3rd one octave up. A really odd choice for a metal tune, so it sounds out of key to most peoples ears. I do hit and sustain a B5 at the 2:57 mark. I couldn't do that a year ago, but I can't really use it in any melodic capacity. (And yes, the drum machine is going to be replaced. I just can't stand to play to a click track).

It does seem like I do better on covers than my own material (probably because I've heard them a lot).

You've Got Another Thing Comin' cover. Again, this, to me, sounds like I'm shouting rather than singing. (Note: in the mid 80's, I could do a dead-on impression of Halford. It annoyed the heck out of my kid sister, so I kept on doing it! Little did I realize at the time, that impression held the key for me to more easily get into my head voice!)

Kaw-liga cover I think this one is the closest to actually singing, but I know there's room for improvement. I also know no matter how much I improve, I'm still going to sound like me. Never the less, I'm still thinking about at least opening the gate and purchasing volume 1 this week.

Sorry about my intro being so long! Please feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong (besides not starting with the course yet!) And have a great day!


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    Hi, Scott! 

    Welcome to the KTVA Forums!  First of all, what you're doing wrong is you haven't started the course yet!!  Oops!  Sorry.  I forgot I wasn't supposed to tell you that!  ; ^ )

    4told.  This one is a little difficult for me to hear. You're kind of in your own space here.  There's actually a lot going on in this tune, but it's a little like sensory overload for me.  You're actually doing a lot of interesting things, but vocally, it's hard for me to drill down and give you much feedback.  Your voice doesn't really polarize me, but the chaos and odd meters and sound of tunes like that makes me feel like I'm holding on to a couple of van der Graaf generators with my feet in a tub of water!!!  That doesn't necessarily make it bad, it just makes it a matter of taste.  Some people like to be a puff of smoke!  ...Just kidding!  The voice is kind of covered up by most of the other goings-on in this tune.

    Kaw-Liga... Interesting.  I saw your note about recording it before you listened to anyone else's version.  You succeeded, because it came out different than any other version of that song I've ever heard.  Your deliver was a bit wooden, but that may be design.  This is the most psychedelic version of Kaw-Liga I've heard all day.  Poor Kaw-Liga, with his naughty pine heart.  And then that Chuck Berry chug on the chorus!  This is kind of a John McGlaughlin version of a Hank Willians, Sr tune.  Stranger than fiction.  Flanged vocals...  Why didn't Hank have a flanger, I'd like to know?  Your vocals on this tune sound fine.  I'm not going to pick them apart, because you're holding your own.  They certainly suit this version of this song.  Lots of layers, all sounding good.

    Another Thing Comin' - this one is easier to keep up with because it's more of a rock standard.  You need a bit more support, some open throat, and to drop down on the notes from above.  Some of the F#4's sound like you're reaching up and that makes them sound a touch flat.  Generally, you are doing a good job on this song.  This song needs tons of support.  Sing it from the gut.

    So you've got range.  Now you need power, support, beefy tone, grunge when you want it, dynamics, and confidence. 

    Come and get it.

    Good Singing to You!




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    skovol2112skovol2112 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Bob!
         Thanks for the feedback! Actually, your comment about my delivery being a bit wooden on Kaw-liga made me realize, "ah-ha! THAT'S what's been kind of bugging me about a lot of my vocals". It feels like I'm pouring energy into them, and I listen back and it sounds like I'm about to go down for a nap. By the way, I was actually trying to write 4told in straight time! I just seem to have a natural aptitude for odd meters. (I am also of the theory that whatever we listen to comes out in our writing, whether we make a conscious effort to learn it or not).

        After looking at quite a few of student videos (yes, more than just Gabriela!) I've decided to get volume 1 (Seriously though, is there anything that girl can't sing?!) One of my reasons for hesitation was Volume 1 contains a lot of what I've already learned, so I was like "Well, am I going to be paying for what I've already paid for more than once?" But, something tells me Ken explains it better. And just like with guitar, sometimes I pull out a beginner book and whaddaya know, I actually learn something new! (The fact that Ken actually demonstrates by singing is a big selling point too!) Of the courses I tried, I don't think any of the instructors did anything beyond demonstrate the exercises.

       Thanks again!

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    Cool, @skovol2112,

    I go back to Volume 1 for a reality check from time-to-time.  When you review your KTVA material, you always pick up something you glossed past as your mind was munching on some other detail!  Ken packs a lot of information into the Volumes.  You'll also get expanded access to the forums, which includes more instructional videos, as well.

    The best buy is the PRO PACK, but you'll have plenty to occupy your mind and your voice with Volume One.  If you later get Volumes Two AND Three, if things stay the way they are now, you will be able to request access also to the Gigantic PRO PACK bonuses, which just got even more gigantic(Like Times TWO) with access to Ken's new in-depth basics and advanced programs.  That added about 70 more in-depth videos on top of the PRO Packs and the Three Volumes, for Zero dollars more than before.  These free bonuses are huge!

    No pressure, you'll know if you want more after you get through enjoying all that you get with your Volume One.  I look forward to your progress towards your goals!



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