2014 New Vocal Beginning!

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My name is Cherie. I live in California. I have been singing a grand total of 6 years now! I started out singing along with YouTube videos, eventually buying some iTunes backing tracks.  I have taken some lessons over the last 6 years too. I was lucky to have met a wonderful long time professional singer in my hometown who has helped me a lot. She created a Stevie Nicks Tribute band (she is the lead singer and is also quite wonderful!) and brought me into it as a back up singer! I have been doing that for a few yrs.)  Recently, I also put together some 1 hr sets of older, 1940's songs. I bought equipment, a small PA system which I load up in the trunk of my car & I do 1 hr shows at assisted living centers. I hope to gain some good experience performing as a soloist from that. I want to improve as a singer. I REALLY want to be a lead singer in a band performing locally or outside of my town. I need to progress so much from where my voice is now, vocally, technically, artistically to do any of this.  I want to sing BIG songs really well. I love ballads. I want to convey emotion. I want to communicate and sing a song from the inside out.  My ultimate dream would be to have the ability to bring tears to listener's eyes (in a good way!) and communicate songs as they are meant to be by the writer. It's a big goal, huge really, & I hope it's not unrealistic.   Because I am so new at this, I know I have so much to learn and a massive amount to improve vocally and artistically in all areas. If the possibility is there, any amount of time and effort is worth the pursuit.  I also want to learn more about the technical aspects of the equipment that I use.  I have lots of hope that this new beginning with KTVA will help guide me in this direction!


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    Hi, @Cherie!

    You have come to the right place.  Fasten your seatbelt, because your motivation and your new KTVA lessons are going to propel you to the next vocal level!  Your voice will grow, and that growth keeps on happening for as long as you keep working on the KTVA principles.  There is a lot to do and a lot to learn.

    Welcome to the forums!  Dig in, and pay close attention to Ken's instructions.  Practice faithfully, and listen as your voice begins to grow!

    All the Best!


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    Thank you Bob. I am currently on vacation but I have internet access so I have begun looking around the forum and just begun listening & watching my new DVD/CD set! I do think Ken's advice to build up chest voice first is very interesting esp. because I think one of my problems is that my chest voice is not near as strong as my head voice! I have thought for some time that I need to figure out how to sound more open which would produce much better tones, get a stronger chest voice, work on my vowel pronunciation all of which would make me sound more confident about the tones I produce!
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