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Hi everyone,

I posted some questions in other threads in the last few days but never introduced myself here, so here goes:

I am a guitarist (been playing for 17 years) wanting to give
singing a try, so I don't have to depend on other people to perform :-),
and just to be a more well-rounded musician overall.  I never sang in choir growing up, never sang in public, and the only thing I've done vocally is take some vocal lessons for a few months a few years ago, although I never practiced at home as the teacher wasn't even into rock at all and gave me boring songs to learn.  (I am into rock, hard rock, and metal.)  I was interested in Ken Tamplin's methods for the reason that he has a strong, powerful rock voice.

I have what I hope is a silly question.  I'm 32, almost 33.  I started playing guitar when I was 15 and feel I am a pretty accomplished guitar player.  At 33, can a person without any real vocal training or even real singing experience like me still be able to START training and developing his vocal chords, physiologically speaking?  There isn't a biological cap on age when it comes to being able to still START to develop your vocal chords, is there?  I'm hoping the answer is no, but I'd love to hear from people who started even later than me, for inspiration.


P.S.-- I've already bought KTVA Volume 1, but haven't really started yet...


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    I started (re-started from when I was a young teenager) at the ripe age of 46, and though I think my vocal chords may be less flexible than a younger person, I sing quite a lot now, and am glad I started.  That was 11 years ago, and I'm still going, still working on getting better... I might not ever GET better, but I sing out at least twice a month in gigs, and have done so for all of that 11 years... so I'd say you've got about a 13 year jump on me...  :)
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    33 is not at all too old to start learning, and is far earlier than when I started to get serious about singing.

    You have a long singing life ahead of you with great opportunity for improvement.


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    You should request a forums upgrade if you have purchased KTVA Volume 1.

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    @highmtn thanks so much for the tip!  I did email ktvahelp the other day to ask about that, and they told me that you have to have purchased all 3 volumes to have access to the "pro" forum... but I don't know if that's even higher than the forum you're talking about.  Anyway, I will give it a try; thanks!
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    You can access more of the forum as "Volume  1" than as a "Member".

    If you later purchase the other two volumes, then you can request to be upgraded to "PRO".

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    Dude, I'm 47 and I just bought this program, if it makes you better and brings you happiness, let's do it right?
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    You're just a kid at 47!  You have many years of great singing ahead of you!


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    Hello.  I just bought this course and I am 53!!  I don't believe there is an age limit.
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    Same boat, less some years on the guitar and age but go for it and enjoy.  I feel taking this step has aided my guitar playing a lot already in the last few months.  
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    I never sang as a teenager, nor as a younger adult.  Four years ago, I had 4 months of lessons from a musical theater performer. I did find my first teacher helpful because I literally started at zero.I knew absolutely nothing about singing.  But she quit teaching after those 4 months and I was looking and looking for the right teacher. I met 2 others, but I could tell they just weren't right for me.  I needed to learn to sing real Rock/Hard Rock for the band that my boyfriend and I were starting.  Then I found Ken!  He is exactly what I needed! I bought his full program in January 2014 and I have improved a lot!! One of the best investments I ever made.
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