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"Hello Everybody? I should say it?" "You should say it!" "Hello everybody?" "Hello everybody." "HELLO EVERYBODY!!!"      - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

hahaha Hey, Everyone.  Nice to be a part of this forum!  Today was my first day singing along to the Volume 1 exercises.  I've been a musician since about the age of 6 and have accomplished a lot of my goals musically except the elusive singing voice!  The main styles of music that I'm into are Industrial, all shades of heavy metal (the more obscure and extreme, the better), 80's music like new wave/synth pop/goth/metal, 90's grunge, shoegaze, acoustic folk, etc... I've had *some* voice lessons throughout life, but never really got along well with them as I was always put into the bass/low baritone category, strained to sing anything above middle C-E, and could never sing any of my favorite songs because of their register (except for maybe Type O Negative stuff). haha In my twenties after returning from music college, I decided to give singing another go and got caught on the carousel of "other" singing methods out there (I could not find any teachers I thought were qualified or that I liked after a few lessons in the places I lived), spent so much time, money, energy, and years of my life, and feel like I'm still at square one.  The college I went to back then is pretty well known and very strict, so I was used to PRACTICING for hours on end until complete exhaustion, so you can imagine my frustration of putting that kind of effort into countless other self-study programs/teachers and not being able to meet my goals.  But here I am, dusted off and going again!  A little less bright eyed and optimistic, but hoping this is my final stop to meet my goals.  Nice to e-meet everyone (lol) and hope to be able to pop in these forums as time/life allows!  Cheers!


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    Hi, @VirgoTrip!

    Yes, you have finally arrived at your ultimate destination.  At least you have arrived at the depot, from which you will embark upon your new singing journey.  The difference between all of the other singing journeys you have tried to embark upon is that this one is actually going to work!

    Like you, I spend a small fortune on singing methods that were all blow and no go. 

    This one is different.  You'll see. 

    I've been on this one for quite some time, and I'm still learning more and improving all the time.  It's not instantaneous, and it's not overnight, but it's REAL. 

    Be prepared to dig in.  With the work ethic you mentioned in slaving away for hours on end, you will find that putting forth such effort and focus on a REAL vocal method that actually WORKS will be a new and rewarding experience for you.

    You may have been categorized as a Bass or Low Baritone, but you are going to find that Ken's exercises are going to grow your voice in ways that it has never grown before.

    It's nice that you have shared your background and story with us.  We're glad you're here! 

    What took you so long?

    Hope you decide to stay for a long time!

    All the Best!


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    High, @highmtn & @s2kcharlie - Thank you for the warm welcome!  First off, Bob, I've been roaming around the forums for a few days since I've ordered my Cds & Dvds, digesting all the information and answers to questions I have and wanted to say thank you in advance for all the help and participation you and others give on here.  It truly is helpful and appreciated and doesn't go without notice - even to someone new to the forums like me!

    Thank you for the advice and motivation too as it is very comforting to hear that you had a similar story and your hard work with this has paid off!

    I’m glad to be here, glad to meet everyone, and hope to stay for a long time as well.  And hopefully with my hard work and dedication, someday down the line I’ll be able to add myself to the success stories as well!  Looking forward to the journey - cheers!   
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