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Im upset because I only can practice on weekends

reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
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Im upset because Im in college as some of you may know and I can only practice on the weekends. Is that seriously bad for my voice and will it deteriorate or something? I heard Ken say something like this in a webinar that was recorded. I would love Ken to answer this question as well if he is able!! Thanks guys!


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    jayjay Enrolled Posts: 32
    Hi Reesse,

    I'm only new to the KTVA programme myself 

    Ideally 5-6 days will grow your voice much quicker than 2-3 
    but I'm willing to bet that even if you can only manage 2-3 days, 
    providing your focused and making sure your technique is spot on, 
    then this will benefit you and improve your voice.

    The only thing is you might have a bit of "recap" time to catch up on from one session to another.
    I dont know what others will think but my suggestion is even if you cant physically practice maybe even try to use some time to think in your mind the vowel modifications in the correct order both ascending and descending and at least you will be doing the theory part and not go totally cold on the course from one weekend to another :-)

    I guess it might take a bit longer to get to the end result but its the right step forward and if you haven't done any vocal training before - then 2 days has to be better off than 0 days :-)

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Hey, Marie,

    I'm just wondering if there is perhaps somewhere on the college campus that is not in use that you could go to and maybe sing your heart out, at least until someone comes and runs you off?  Is there a school of music?  Often there are many practice rooms that are mostly soundproof and have a piano in a very small room... those would be ideal.  Or maybe an empty classroom, a locker room, an empty auditorium...?  Any of those would be better than a pillow ;^)

    Like Jay says, anything is better than nothing.  The main thing you need is privacy.  It's not easy to work on things that may need perfecting while others are present. The voice is so personal, it makes you very vulnerable if you don't have at least some ability to let go and sing. 

    The main thing about not being able to hit the exercises every day is that the whole growth process will take longer.

    Jay is also correct that mental practice can actually aid in improving performance in many areas of life, so it probably also helps in vocalization, but there is just no substitute for working those muscles and building those reflexes. 

    Try to be creative and find some space that you can get away to...  an empty room in the student union building, a long hallway or stairwell in a building that classes are over for the day.  Or maybe get up early and be the first one there?  A lot of places may have great acoustics. 

    Good luck.  I hope something comes to mind that will help you to get your vocal workout time in-between studies and classes.  If not, then do the best you can with your weekends and squeeze the most out of those workouts possible!


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    reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    thanks so much for the lengthy reply guys!!!---I really do try and think of what Ken says in my mind over and over again and sometimes practice it aloud while doing various things. :)
    Bob- yes I actually do have a place thankfully!! But sadly I dont think I have time to do them. I could maybe do like 40 minutes here and there plus the weekends. But I was mainly wondering if what I am doing now is deteriorating my voice or what? Because I know Ken stresses a lot that we should do them at least 6 days a week and as much as we can of course that will grow the voice more..i know. Ugh I just really dont want to secretly be doing anything in the opposite direction by only working my voice with these warmups 2 days a week.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    I don't think you'll deteriorate, but you're more or less just hovering, instead of progressing if you can't put the time into it.  It's kind of like building a house.  You put up a foundation, then a floor, start framing... if you stop, that's what's up, and it doesn't keep building, it just waits for you to resume... and given enough time without progress, what is there isn't designed to be left in that state.  It's like you're working on the house on weekends only. 

    In a case like that, a house would take much longer to complete.  You can still complete it and still make progress, but the progress will be in proportion to the time invested in the work required.

    Don't give up, give it all you've got to give in between your studies.  That's the best you can do in your situation.  Make the best of what you've got to work with and you'll eventually succeed.


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    SanninoSannino Pro Posts: 66
    Reese, I know what you mean. Me too, although I'm not in college, if I can do the program 3-4 times a week, I call this an exceptional week. :) On working days, I can only practice after 10pm (that is, if I'm still standing on my feet after a day of work) and, by then, wife and kids are asleep, so you get the picture. The solution I came up with is doing the workouts in the car.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm always starting over and it's frustating. But the other option is to give up! So, better keep moving on....

    Good luck!
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    reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    thanks a lot guys !!!!! Your all giving me super advice =)
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