Newbie to KTVA from Portland Oregon!

Hello there! I am brand new to KTVA as of today.
I am a fairly experienced singer- school and college choirs, jazz and classical, church worship team for a number of years, and three years ago I joined a local rock band as a backup/ harmonies singer.
I've been doing pretty well until recently.
In the last year or so, our lead singer/songwriter has written some pieces intended for me to sing lead on. These tunes range from old school slow country/blues to a more progressive rock style. (All of our music fits in this spectrum somewhere, actually) Then, we recently hit an amateur studio for some recording. 22 tracks, specifically. Listening to these really allowed me to hear my voice in a way I haven't before. I have learned that I lack power, character, and usually tend to get a little pitchy when trying to belt. My vocals are inconsistent, too. Too breathy in some places, and in others, I'm clipping the mic. I wanted so badly to go back and re-record some of the material, but we just can't take any more time on this. So, we had to do some "pitch correction" in a few areas. That's mortifying to me. I practiced a ton before going in to the studio to try to avoid that very thing- often psyching myself out so badly that when I went in I was tense and couldn't perform well. My band mates keep trying to give suggestions. Our lead singer encourages me to listen to some of my favorite powerhouse female vocalists and emulate them. I try to implement everything they are all telling me- but I just can't seem to make it work. I see other bands around town with powerhouse lead female vocalists and I KNOW that I can do it, too. I just have to figure out how.

I needed to do something. We are playing out live once or twice a month and plan to do an extensive album release tour coming this summer. I want to keep my place in my band, but I must get these vox right.

After weeks of research and contacting vocal coaches and schools, looking for tutorials, buying a few programs like Per Bristow, I somehow stumbled onto KTVA. As soon as I got my commission check this morning (real estate sales), you know I purchased the pro bundle. I'm desperate to become great. When I was a little girl growing up in the projects, one of the things I would do to entertain myself is put on rock concerts for the neighbor kids. I would stand on top of my picnic table out back, strum to an air guitar, and sign Joan Jett and Oakridge Boys and Air Supply as well as a 7-year-old girl can do. I MUST give this gift to myself. The gift of successfully singing in whatever style I choose and sound great on the stage as well as in the studio. That's why I am here.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Hi, @Joannalovely,

    Welcome to KTVA. I understand your concerns that you are expressing about getting your voice fixed-up quickly. Just understand that this will be an ongoing process that starts now and will continue for as long as you keep singing. You need to re-learn how to sing properly, and continue practicing and working out in order to continue to improve. That improvement will keep happening for as long as you keep working Ken's program.

    As you probably heard in the first Videos, Ken needs you to leave any previous vocal training or notions you may have at the door, and give him your full attention. You are beginning a process that will rebuild your voice from the ground up to the stars.

    Ken's methods work, and will give you the power and the tone you want and need to start feeling and sounding like a pro singer. Give it time and give it all you've got.

    I wasted money on Per Bristow's program and a lot of other singing programs too, before I found Ken's program. Ken's program is the real thing. The others were just a waste of time and money.

    You have come to the right place.

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    JoannalovelyJoannalovely Pro Posts: 3

    Thanks! I am doing just as you say. Approaching the lessons as if it were my first time. I am committed to the process and understand that this won't be overnight. I think of it like my weight loss/nutrition journey. As I got healthier and healthier, I didn't stop. I worked harder and harder and implemented more and more technique and knowledge to 1.keep my body in shape and 2.improve my tone and definition. Never thought I could ear a bikini and this year (12 years after I began seriously tackling it), I am finally at that place where I feel comfortable doing so. I'm OK taking time and doing the exercises daily. :-)
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