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So I bought the bundle, looking forward to it.

I played guitar and sort of sang for ten years, then had an injury which was a downer, pretty much wasn't looking forward to a lot. A year later I stumbled into a bass gig, so I played that for 13 years, but had a hard time singing at the same time, so singing took a back seat. Yet another fun life event pretty much had me pass on joining the A circuit. So I didn't play at all for about 7 years. Pretty much a bad thing to do as far as singing goes, but on the plus side, now I can actually learn it. I've been playing bass again for oh, about 3 or 4 years, found out fun terms like arthritis, RSI, carpal tunnel and such to go with other injuries, so that's why I am playing a student (i.e. kid's) bass with ultra light strings AND in E flat. A garage band I was jamming with bitched about the crap mic I had, so I broke down and got a better one, and I did warn them once I started singing ... Well I am in between bands atm, but that's fine until I decide I am ready to put another one together. Aside from 3 months this (endless) winter where I had the unfortunate condition of being employed, it's been about 9 months since I started easing back into singing, and making the effort to play and sing at the same time. I spotted a link from people I actually respect locally and yes, after watching a few teaser vids I knew 'I NEED that'. So here I am.


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    You have a keen eye (as well as ears) to know the difference between fluff and the real stuff. Yes. When I heard Ken demonstrate his voice, I knew that same "THAT'S WHAT I WANT!" sensation. It really works. Do what Ken says, and keep doing it.

    You will enjoy the metamorphosis your voice will be going through. This is something new to look forward to.


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