19 y/o rock n roll dude from Massachusetts -- looking forward to improving with you all!

Hey guys! I thought I'd take the invitation to introduce myself. My name's Michael, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Massachusetts, USA. I've been playing guitar since I was ten but just started singing about a year ago when I decided I wanted to front my band :)

And I certainly can't introduce myself without introducing my singing a little bit, so here's 15 seconds of one of my songs complete with live footage stuff. I'm the guy throwing his hair around haha.

Obviously it's studio and not live, so it's not as honest a representation of my voice as it is, but I'm definitely looking forward to sharing (after I record some) and watching videos of live singing, and critiquing each other, and improving over the months. (And of course practicing instead of being on the computer :)

Great singing to all of you,


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