Hello all!

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Hi, nice to meet you all, I am new here and new to singing since 4 months now.

I've been taking lessons with a coach in Paris, I am a guitar and chapman stick player of many years and wanted to try something new. I discovered a new world that I like a lot and decided to become more serious about my voice and practice more often to a point where it feels like when I started playing guitar. Always thinking about it and taking any opportunity to work on it.
I am 32 year old man with a wife and kid and a day job so schedule is hard but hey, entering a community like this one should help me stay motivated :)

I am working mostly on tone, pitch and releasing that head voice which is hard for me to get out because my chest goes high and overshadows it.
I am a hard rack / metal fan, big fan of Dream Theater and Black Label Society.




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    Hey, lhunda,

    Great to have you here at the forum!  Hey, I used to play a few gigs down in Paris, Texas, so I guess you could say that we were almost neighbors!  ;^)

    Chapman stick players are something you don't run across every day.  That shows that you are both motivated and innovative, so I think you are going to really enjoy developing your new singing voice.  32 years old with a wife, kid, and a day job is an absolutely perfect foundation for building a super singing voice!

    Having a chest voice that goes high is a great starting place.  A good portion of your work is already under way!  You'll be building up your head voice in the very near future...

    Welcome aboard!  *(nice sunglasses, by the way!)



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    Hi Ihunda,

    I too have only just started building my voice and i am sure your going to gain a lot from KTVA and this forum. By the way Dream Theater are one of my favourite bands as well. Welcome on board.



  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140

    Welcome Ihunda,

    You are in the right place! As for your strong chest voice? Well your gonna need that up high for KTVA... lucky you found this method first:-)

    All the best, Gary

  • IhundaIhunda Member Posts: 5
    Many thanks for all your kind replies!
    highmtn I actually went to Paris, Texas, small world :) Yes, Chapman sticks form a small community but we actually have a few in France.

    Thanks Paul, have you tried singing any DT parts yet? I found some of the ballads not so hard but clearly many years ahead until I try something like metropolis part II... 

    I looked at some of the webinars and youtube videos, you're right Gary, KTVA showed me that singing high for a men is actually not a bad thing. It helps that I am not into death metal or other low screaming stuff :)


  • pmacpmac Pro Posts: 58

    Hey Ihunda,

    I am working my way through the "spirit carries on". The first couple of verses and the first chorus are no problem but the last parts where it gets higher i am struggling with but i am just starting out so i am no rush.



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