Singing STP's "Plush" at karaoke two months ago

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I started taking Ken's YouTube channel seriously several months ago. Even that experience, just learning piece meal from videos here and there, even that changed my life. I went from hoping one day I would finally figure out how to sing to realizing oh Lord... I'm about to run out of excuses haha

That led me to hit the karaoke bar for the first time in years to attempt one of my absolute favorite songs... Oh God... in front of people.

This is from a couple of months ago. I bought the Pro package a week ago and already seeing INSANE results.

Would love your feedback!

Some of my own:

Good but not great support
Plenty of places where it's pitchy. I tend to go sharp, but don't worry, I make time to go flat too.
Good tone and competent use of grit and distortion without overdoing it
ZERO stage presence. This is basically "what if a statue could sing"
EXCELLENT t-shirt vest combo


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    Ha! You're right on about the shirt-vest combo.

    Actually your other assessments are right on the money. Going a little sharp and a little flat, but nice tone. Support is good, except when you let go of it. You actually seem a bit comfortable on stage.

    I think if you take this song, line-by-line and fix those flat and sharp places, you'll be onto something. At least you now have the program. Build a solid foundation. Work the pitch program. You have a lot of potential in your voice, if you can just harness the wild, wooly things that are sliding in and out of tune.

    Tackle the intonation monster and you'll do well. Better support and lots of work with the scales will help you to "notch" into the correct pitch for each note.

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    KaiEllisKaiEllis Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 215
    Thank you for your feedback, Bob! It's so helpful to hear that my own assessment wasn't too far off.

    I did this video a couple of months ago before I really understood diaphragmatic support. It finally clicked during my first week - which was THIS week haha - doing the program. I went back to the bar a couple of days ago and did this song and was STUNNED at how easy it was to stay supported the whole time.

    My pitch has been helped a ton already too. I've just had some blind spots along the scales, some notes that I can hear are wrong but have had a hard time finding, and going through the scales in the KTVA exercises, hitting every sharp and flat along the way ascending and descending, has already started to fix the problem.

    Thank you again for your feedback!!!
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