Vytautas from Lithuania

Hi Folks,

Really exited to start learning! My dream is to sing rock music and learn all the belting techniques.
Already started off with lessons yesterday and I already enjoy it! So much good info...
I took some lessons before in one local rock studio school and I was very surprised that the teacher didn't know what was belting and compressed voice. Teacher herself was singing jazz. Needless to say - I lasted only two days.

My absolute favorite singer is Chris Cornell (may the angels have their chance to enjoy you voice now) and when I searched for Chris Cornell covers around year ago, guess what I found? Ken Templin singing his ass off and distorting the guts out of the song Cochise. Wow! Just Wow!
I really hope that I can at least acquire the glimpse of this singing ability. That would already be more than what I asked for.
Also really really happy that Ken is a rock singer, which means I will learn even more in this course.

My only problem will be to find a good place where I can practice daily. I think so far the best place I have is my car :). Just hope I won't hinder my practice in any way when if I am in sitting position.

Super Dooper Pooper!


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