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Always bon jovi horrible demo Plss HELP MY MIXED VOICE

New reply on "Plss help ..My mixed voice doesnt sound very good everytime I pass my break point.. even though I put some open vowels, neutral larynx, soft palate coordination, compression and breath support I still got this very little raspy sound not a good distortion but it sounds like a dying pig getting beaten .. it sounds very chesty, strong, powerful and loud but the problem is .. it sounds awful sounds terrible when I go past my break point E4.."

Listen to Always bon jovi Demo by Ej Pambid #np on #SoundCloud


  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Posts: 702Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    @edzpambid hi, im gonna break this down for you, its gonna be a lot of work before you get this one, and a lot of work i mean months or even a year so you can sing the whole song, so here it goes:
    your break point should be around F# not E, because of your voice color, you sound like a tenor, but you aren´t trained to make the transition later, so I would start from there, you need more support, so im gonna post you a video from Ken explaining this, you should start doing it every day

    you aren´t maintaining open throat, it doesn´t matter if you do open vowels, because you reset them every time you use a closed vowel, this means you aren´t using open throat

    your voice is trembling because you dont have support

    you lack brightness in the verse and support

    the brightness of the sound you are making on the chorus is bright enough, but it coming because you arent maintaining the open throat so it becomes nasal, but it doesnt work if you dont keep it open, and supported, you should maintain it the whole chorus, but you are reseting it the whole time, and that doesnt help for the voice,
    plus you are over pronouncing the consonants

    as you can see it´s a lot of work It´s basically the whole KTVA program which I highly recommend you to buy

    for now im gonna leave you with this so you start working on your support

  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 224Pro
    Based on your title and the other response, I was expecting much worse, haha. I've heard worse from people who thought they were better. I think you have a good amount of potential but your voice could benefit from training. I'm listening on my phone speaker and your demo had really low volume, so it's hard to advise beyond that because I can't hear much. Your lower register is much better than your higher, currently. Try to relax some if you can.
  • From What I can hear your diaphram and tension is the issue
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