Medical Doctor from Germany started to learn Singing

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Hi Folks,

my name is Marco, I am 48 years old and I am a Medical Doctor from Germany. I bought my first album at the age of 7 (I think it was Elvis - Rock'n'Roll) and from there on I was a music enthusiast. My album collection grew with The Beatles, The Stones over Led Zeppelin to Frank Zappa. I learned to play the Trumpet and at the age of 13 I grabbed my mothers guitar. And from there, there was no way back anymore - Music was and is one of the most important things in my life. I played in several bands and had a lot of fun to be on stage.

But to be honest, in the innermost, I actually always wanted to be a singer. But I was not able to sing. My voice sounded crappy, I was not able to hold pitch and what was most frustrating: in my head, when hearing a melody, I heard a second, a third and even a forth or a fifth harmony but my voice was not able to sing the notes. I could just play them on the guitar or the piano. And so I thought I had to realize that I'm just an instrumentalist. Unfortunately, it seemed that I was not gifted with the god given talent to be a Singer.

Years passed by and one day I had a patient who was a professional Opera Singer. She was a very nice woman and I told her that I would like to be a singer, but that I could not sing. She laughed out loud and said "Doctor, anyone can sing. You should learn it." - These sentences hit my heart. A few days later I asked Youtube: "Can anyone sing?" - I think the rest of the journey seems to be similar to yours.

On my 48th birthday, I made a gift myself: Ken Tamplin's Vocal Academy "The Course PLUS" (Volume 1 - 5 + the ProPacks). I was absolutely overwhelmed by how much content you get there. And Ken explains so well and so skillfully that you can really internalize and implement all the little details. In the ProPacks you can see how Ken brings his students from good singers to absolutely impressive singers. All these subtleties, that make the performance perfect.

Personally I am still on Volume 1 (I think in the middle). I practice 45 to 60 minutes every day. Seven days a week. But already after 6 days on the "Starter Exercises" I gained a major Third. After 2 weeks I gained a Fourth. And my voice keeps on growing. Even my speaking voice is getting fuller and more sonorous. And now comes the best: I AM ON PITCH. For the first time in my life, my voice can form the notes my brain hears. That's really amazing. Meanwhile I am obsessed with doing my exercises. They are worth every minute I invest. I know that I am just at the beginning of my life as a singer but thanks to Ken I know: "A Singer is only a singer because he has the guts to be one.". I will be a Singer. Thanks Ken, your are a great teacher.

Greetings from Germany,

PS.: Could one of the administrators help me to get access to the students area. My role is still on "Member".


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