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What i do wrong, throat pain! Critique my singing!

HoriHori Member Posts: 7
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Hello everybody!

I always when im singing/ after singing my throat get a kind of sore, i can fell some pain in it. Usually i sing open throat and clean vocals where I dont force my voice a lot. I take too much air or my distortion technique isnt good?

Here is my take on the David Bowie - The man who sold the world. I made it in my style a bit but i try to imitate Bowie voice. At final i tried to make a head voice but i think that i made it wrong. Any critique is welcome because i want to improve my singing and to know where i did wrong.
I start singing for a month on my own and watching Ken's videos on Youtube!

This song was a challenge for me, i know that i " compress " my voice and isnt singed with open throat at all, but i want any feedback!


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