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Need some help on the basic technique of singing

I have just begun the program, and before getting too far into practicing, need to check something about basic technique. Let me preface by saying many years ago I took vocal lessons that left me singing completely nasal and from my nose. Haven't sang for a long time, so was not really an issue. It was only after seeing the KT you tubes that I started to realize this about chest voice etc. and decided to work on vox again.I am just starting Vol 1.  I realized right away that I was not using any chest voice at all.  In my normal register, I feel the notes pass over the voc chords,  mechanics all feel fine and look like they should according to Kens example of back of throat. My question is when you are going from chest to head, you still are feeling those head notes on the vocal chords, just letting them go up further into the head after they pass over chords. Head voice does not mean you are singing in your nose, correct? As I said, bad teacher in the past brought my vocals so far forward I was basically singing in my nose.


  • jerseyguitarjerseyguitar Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
    Hello. That was a great way to describe it, I do understand exactly what you mean. You are correct, ended up singing in my nose, almost not even using my vocal chords if that is even possible. I also understand what you mean about feeling vibrations, etc in the head, but not placing the actual note there. I wasn't sure if when Igo higher in the exercises I was supposed to be going to that nasal placement, and again, only thought that because of bad instruction that I had.
    I just got the course last week, so felt I should check before getting into a regular practice schedule. I am going to use this info you provided and get a little practice in using the audio discs now that I know not to go to that nasal thing. I will see how I do and if I can get a demo together I will send. Can't that you enough for the quick help, truly appreciate it. I like Klaus Meine and the Scorps, however I think I prefer not to sing in my nose ;-)
  • jerseyguitarjerseyguitar Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
    I checked it out, wow, really sounds like him. You sound great on those other songs also. Where were you when I was gigging alot and needed a lead singer ;-)
    I am a bassist just trying to improve my vocals, doubt I could ever get to your level, but nice to have goals. I realized after watching Ken more and also your help, that I had it all wrong. Wasn't using my chest voice at all, so of course always ran out of notes because I was starting in my nose. 

  • jerseyguitarjerseyguitar Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
    I am in NJ, but my gigging days for covers are over, used to be much more active as I was a full time player. But who knows, might need a singer for some originals in the future. Where are you located? And you are so on the mark with that head voice issue. I know now why I was always running out of notes so quickly.
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