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<b class="Bold">Sing like Matt Barlow</b>

dchristdchrist Member Posts: 5
My favorite singer of all time!!!! Matt Barlow. Ex Iced Earth, Ashes of Ares now. Such power, depth, emotion, rasp in his voice combined with flawless technique and ability to go from extremely low to ridiculously high G#5, A5 screams. Ken, can you make a video tutorial on this guy? A great challenge, a very complex voice to cover. Best songs:

A Question of Heaven


Declaration Day

Blessed are you

Dark Saga

How can you sing that high as he does in Declaration Day without your voice being heard girlie?


  • dchristdchrist Member Posts: 5
    And I forgot the most epic rendition of Star Spangled Banner. A capela, no tricks, just a powerful, beautiful voice.

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,277
    This man has a very versatile voice!
  • adrhodesadrhodes Member Posts: 3
    Are you kidding me!!! Top class singer. There is no way that the song in the second video is from a live performance. No way!!! And in the third song he sing as high as the sky. And the performance in National Anthem is flawless. Very tough song. Most singers even the better ones) are trying to impress with cheap tricks, but they can't really hit a note of the song properly. Very versatile and strong chesty voice. I haven't heard a mixed voice as powerful as this guy's, and the timbre of his voice is pure magic.
  • dchristdchrist Member Posts: 5
    Hello from Greece. It's definitely from a live show. Here is the link for the whole show.

    Believe me, that 1 h 30 min show is demanding as hell. You have to be some singer to pull it off. If only Ken could do a video, covering a song like A Question of Heaven. That 'd be great.
  • kvourtzoumiskvourtzoumis Member Posts: 11
    This guy is a baritone that's why i believe his high notes full or mixed sound sound so rich and thick.
    Is it my idea or this guy compresses his chords a bit too much? He obviously knows how to do this without damaging them, and it sounds great and with different kinds of distortion, but you shouldn't try this stuff at home. It can very dangerous for your voice.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,277
    We can hope he's not damaging his vocal cords. Sometimes the cumulative damage takes a while to set-in, thus so many great singers who eventually lose their upper registers after launching impressive early careers. Overcompressing and oversinging can take its toll, over time. I agree that his baritone skills give a greater depth to his tone, even when in his upper register.
  • dchristdchrist Member Posts: 5
    @kvourtzoumis @highmtn
    Damaging his vocal chords? These videos are from 2014, when he was 44 yo.

    Can you hear any wearing down in his voice? I don't know how he does that, but his high register becomes better as he ages. It usually happens the opposite.
  • kvourtzoumiskvourtzoumis Member Posts: 11
    I am pretty sure Matt is a great singer, who knows how to keep his voice sharp. But listen what can happen to a man not as talented as he is, who is trying to cover one of his songs.

    It 'd be a miracle, if this guy can still speak after that.
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