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Hi everyone! I can't believe that it's been 6 months since I joined this forum. I have learned so much but I know I have a long way to go. After some hesitation, I've decided to start this thread as a way of further improving myself. For those who know me, you have heard me singing English songs. My first language was actually Mandarin but, having moved to Canada at a pretty young age, I ended up being mediocre at both Mandarin and English. However, that hasn't stopped me from singing Mandarin songs since they, at least to me, have a different flavor from songs in other parts of the world.

What's the intention of this thread then? I hope to do my own assignments (hopefully regularly) where I post covers of Mandarin songs in this thread only. I hope to apply what I learned to those covers while also using this opportunity to, hopefully, gauge any improvements I make. I know Mandarin and English can be quite different so I'm curious how certain areas will be change. Do note that a lot of the Mandarin songs I sing are older songs due to this weird clash of what I experienced from growing up in Canada and what my parents brought me up to.

Without further ado, my first cover is a song called Da Hai (大海). Da Hai is Ocean in Mandarin. From my understanding, this song is about how the Ocean holds a lot of our memories and our pain that were washed away over time but never truly forgotten. I don't think I really conveyed the feelings well but maybe one day...

Feel free to give me feedback even if you don't understand the song. I appreciate any advice on my long road to being a decent singer.


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    Hi @Rick_amateur, mate,

    wow, that is a big surprise. I had no idea that you had an asian background. I always thought that you were a native english speaker because your english seemed to be so very good (for a German, like me).

    It is very impressive to hear you singing in mandarin. And how you performed is really beautiful. I enjoyed that I was not distracted by the lyrics and could concentrate on your singing. Man, your voice grew so good.

    I could copy & paste my comments from the last renditions. If you work on your chest voice, resonance (ping) and support your singing will go through the ceiling.

    And I also want to say this: Rick, I am so happy that you became a contributing member to this community. You take part in every assignment and are giving feedback. That is great. Sometimes I am ashamed that I do not have (take) enough time to give more feedback. You are always reacting to feedback. I hope you will stay with us veeeeeerrrry long. You are dedicated and this is making a difference. I like you, you are a great guy. I hope we will have a lot singing fun together.


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    Hi @doc_ramadani,

    I spent most of my life in Canada so my English is certainly better than my Mandarin. I also never developed an accent so it's very difficult for people to notice my Asian background.

    Translating the lyrics isn't something I can do very well as my Mandarin has limits. I can read and talk at an intermediate level which isn't good enough to translate sentences into understandable English. Personally, I like to have as little as possible on screen so it's mostly my singing.

    Regarding chest, resonance and support, those are things I'm working on at the moment. As we all know, these things take time so I don't expect an instant positive change immediately. I am allocating more of my practice time on chest so hopefully that will see some improvements in a few months.

    I became a contributing member to this community because it's such a great community. I'm also learning so much from this opportunity. I also know that people have real life so good feedback isn't always possible. Still, I'm getting lots of good feedback that keep me busy in improving. I also intend to stay here for a long time and keep learning. You are also a great guy and I'm glad to have the chance to meet you here. :smile:

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    HI Rick, what a nice suprise this song. Sounds good.
    You can improve on opening the throat and support, to get a free souding voice (as the most of us). Good luck. Maxim
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    Thanks! I'm working on that throat and support. It's a slow work in progress.
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    Hi everyone! I had a bit of free time and decided to do this song. It's one of my favorites but sadly I didn't do it justice. There are still so many things I need to work on. I hope to get this done today so that, in the future, I can attempt the song again and hopefully notice some improvements.

    My second cover is a song called Wo shi yi zhi xiao xiao niao (我是一只小小鸟). Why is this one of my favorites? I feel this song really relates to my life. The direct translation of the song name is: I'm a small bird. The first two lines of the chorus are: I'm a small bird. I want to fly but I can't fly any higher. The song is talking about pursuing a dream but unable to achieve it. In the meantime, you are faced with many challenges along the way. When you're young, you wish to grow up just as a small bird wanting to reach the end of the branches to take flight. Yet, you realized that, once you reached the end, you suddenly become prey to hunters and have no one there to protect you from harm.

    The song also speaks of many sleepless nights when you wonder if only your tomorrow won't get better. You also wonder if happiness is merely a myth that's unattainable in life. Finally, you have a tough decision in life when it comes to your dream. Do you choose to cave into life's pressure or hold onto your dignity and keep pursuing your dream? At our critical moment, we cannot have both. This is more or less the meaning I got from translating the lines. Overall, I really enjoy the song due to the meaning behind it.

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    Thank you for posting these! I can't offer feedback that you aren't already aware of, but it's really cool to hear these tracks in Mandarin and to read your commentary on their meaning. They sound so much more poetic than english pop. My thanks to you for sharing these with us :):star:
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    I do notice how songs with very different languages have their own styles, even if they have similar genres. It's rather interesting when you get a chance to listen to songs in other languages and get a feel of what they have. I'm just happy you liked listening to them. :smile:
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    At this point, it feels like I'm doing this as a weekly thing. I do enjoy singing these so it's not a chore. However, these do show how much more work I need to put into my singing. The improvements will hopefully happen a step at a time.

    My third cover is called Peng You (朋友) and the song name literally translates to Friend. The song doesn't seem very complex but I usually find the simpler songs packing a lot more meaning. As the title suggests, this song is about friendship. It starts off speaking of walking alone through the wind and rain while experiencing mistakes and teary moments. You will then recall during your loneliness the times you were loved and wonder about the dreams you once had.

    We then reach the chorus where it starts off by stating that: Friends walk together forever and those days never return. All we have is a promise that lasts a lifetime and friendship that's solidified over a cup of beer/wine. Next, we have: Friend are never alone and you will know when you hear the word friend. You will have wounds and pain but you will keep going knowing that you still have me.

    For the meaning, this is the best I can come up with. Most of it is literally line by line translation but I think what I typed above makes sense.

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    Hi Rick, my diligent comrade,

    that was very nice. To me, and that is my personal opinion, it sounds that you are closing down the the sound as higher as you go. Try to do the opposite. Watch Volume 2 vids. on vowel modifications. They might help you. And I want to hear you with a bright "PING", Rick


    PS.: your progress is very, very goof. Congrats, mate!
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    Hi @doc_ramadani ,

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm just trying something that I saw in Volume 3 regarding the breathe control where I'm trying not use as much air as before. After you recommended support and mentioned me using too much air, I've been working on better air control. It's a weird situation where I think I need more practice before I can figure it out. I understand the importance of that ping but I also want to avoid using so much air whenever I sing to avoid drying out my chords. I guess I still have a long way to go nonetheless. Thanks for listening!

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    My fourth cover is called Wang Qing Shui (忘情水) and the song name translates to Forget Love Potion. As the name suggests, this is a song for those with a broken heart. The song speak of a person being young and chasing dreams. After traveling long distances to faraway lands, you turned around to find that love you once knew was gone and you feel pain from the regret of losing it. Only those who have been heartbroken understands your pain. In response, you want a cup of the potion that helps your forget your love which has overcame any wind and rain you faced so far. You hope the potion will, despite you being drunk and heartbroken, make it so you will never shed any tears. That's about the gist of it. My translations certainly needs more work.

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    Hi Rick,

    you improved on the vowel singing much. The mandarin language seems to have a lot of nasal sounds and consonants. Did you try to sing the songs on only the vowels. This was very distracting for me at the beginning but helped me a lot. Maybe you want to try the same approach.

    I can hear that you have more resonance in your voice. Very good. I think it is only a matter of the until you are able to sustain high notes with good resonance.

    May I ask you for another english song? - I liked the Zak Brown song you chose for the weekly assignments.

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    Thanks for the feedback! There are indeed a lot of nasal sounds in Mandarin and apparently there are front and back nasals. I guess that might be why it sounds really different from other languages. As for singing with only the vowels, Mandarin is weird where there are 6 major vowels and four of them are quite different from those of English. I think trying to sing only vowels will make my head hurt as I'm much more accustomed to the English vowels now. I might try this for my English songs but my brain probably can't handle different vowels than those I'm used to.

    As for resonance, I decided to stop worrying about it as much and just kept working on the basics. That might have helped me get some progress overall. I'm definitely going to keep working on my foundation and everything else will likely fall in place.

    Regarding the Zac Brown song, I will put that on hold. I want to go through the assignments in order so it might be a couple of weeks before I get to that song. Hopefully, you hear a better rendition than what I can manage for now.

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    My schedule is changing so I only have time to do these covers every Sunday.

    Below is my fifth cover and the song is called Tian Liang Le (天亮了). The song name is translated into Daybreak. This song is based on a true story where a horrible tragedy happened. A cable car malfunctioned and a family was supposed to fall to their deaths. However, the parents sacrificed themselves to save their son from death. The song is supposed to be from the viewpoint of the son who survived this tragedy. The singer of this song, Han Hong, actually adopted this little boy and wrote this song in remembrance of the incident. Singing this song made me realize that I have some ways to go before I can add emotion to my singing. I guess I'll focus on the basics for now.

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    Below is my sixth cover and the song is called Ni Shi Wo de Yan (你是我的眼). The song name is translated as: You are My Eyes. The singer and writer of this song was born blind but had a surgery at 4 years old that gave him a bit of vision so he can at least see somewhat. At 15, he lost his sight again. He wrote and sang this song in appreciation of those who helped him with his life as they are helping him see more of this world in addition to the warmth and encouragement they have given him after he lost his sight again.

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    Below is my seventh cover and the song is called Fu Qing (父亲). The name is translated as father. This is a song I want to eventually nail down since I want to sing it properly to my father. At this point, there are lots of issues that I can only improve bit by bit. Many of you probably correctly assume that this song is meant for one's father as a way to say thanks.

    The song begins by talking about us always asking something from our fathers and never thanking him. It wasn't until we're older that we realize being a parent isn't easy. Then, we wish we can go back in time to the days when we held our fathers' hands as a child. Now, we wish time to slow down so our fathers won't grow older. We wish to use whatever we have to help him live longer. We also want to give what care we can, even if our care is incomparable to what we received from our fathers.

    Then, we thank our fathers and recognize what he did to support our family while he tried his best to give the best things to us. We then asked if he's proud of us or still worried about us. The chorus ends by saying that the child our fathers has been so concerned of has finally grown up.

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    Life got busy and I did miss a couple of weeks. I really have no good excuses other than getting lazy. I also am focusing on fixing my nasality which seems tougher since there's more nasally words in Mandarin. Regardless, below is my eighth cover and the song is called San Bai Liu Shi Wu Li Lu (三百六十五里路). The Li in the name is a Chinese distance which is about a third of the English mile. The song name is three hundred sixty five Li of road. As the name suggests, it speaks of the journey we travel in a year and speaks of our experiences.

    It begins by saying the sleepy nights cannot stop my journey where I have been drifting for many days and night while sleeping outside and facing the elements. For my dreams, I'm willing to endure loneliness and solitary. As I shake off the dirt of foreign lands, I begin my journey into faraway lands and pursue my dream with full passion. I walked a part of the journey everyday for three hundred sixty five days for year after year. As time gradually passes, I'm still persistent in the dream I began pursuing ambitiously way back when and that ambition has never burned out. Since I left my hometown, how many three hundred sixty five days have passed?

    We have the chorus where we have two variations. One is I travel through all four seasons after three hundred sixty five Li of road and I mustn't let that journey be wasted. The other is I travel from hometown to foreign lands after three hundred sixty five Li of road and went from a youth to a senior.

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    Life got busy so I was on a hiatus. I still intend to keep going with this so, when I have time, I will keep posting my covers. Below is my ninth cover and the song is called Shi Jian Dou Qu Nar Le (时间都去哪儿了). This song is translated as: Where has the time gone? As the translations suggests, it speaks of how time flies and, before we know it, most of our time is already gone.

    The song starts talking about new shoots growing on the old tree by the front door and flowers blooming in the dead tree within the yard. We saved up a lot of words over half a lifetime and kept them within our white hair. Then, the song speaks of the memory of one's child when he/she was just a baby and how one gives love for a lifetime in return for the child to call us mother and father.

    The chorus then asks where has the time gone and states that we are old before we can enjoy our youth. Our mind is filled with the laughter and cries of the children we have raised for a lifetime. Our eyes are also failing before we could take a proper look of our children. After providing the daily necessities for half a lifetime, we suddenly found ourselves, in a blink of an eye, having a face full of wrinkles.

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    After another short hiatus, I'm back to doing this. Just working out a new schedule with life and not allocating enough time for this.

    Below is my tenth cover and the song is called Zhen Ying Xiong (真英雄). The song name means a true hero. This song was the song tied to a television series that reenacted the rise and fall of the Sui dynasty in China followed by the rise of the Tang dynasty. The song first talks about one hearing the rallying cries of soldiers as one is present on the battlefield. The difference between a victorious king and a failed rebel might depend on a single decision. Then it speaks that life and death are decided in a moment while heroism will be remembered forever. Yet, we question where our home is in this vast land. After conquering challenges one after another, we enjoy the age of prosperity by winning the war but losing the woman we loved.

    Afterwards, we realized that, despite winning the world and earning the right to boast, life was never more than a vicious fight. As blood dye the ground and youth turn old, how can a true hero be afraid. As blades cut tangled hemp and golden spears accompany warhorses, we'll move out with our heart staying strong as long as our warhorses stay alive. Then we wonder how could it be false that we are a true hero. I know the translation doesn't seem great but my translation skills are limited. Let's just say that it's a description of a chaotic time filled with conflicts and emotions that happened to be represent an era when one dynasty makes way for another. I only wish I can describe the lyrics and sing the song to give them justice. I can't do it now but hopefully one day.

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    Pretty cool man. I speak and sing in Mandarin too. You have the emotion down. Just make sure you get the lines on pitch and in tempo and you're off to a great start.
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    @blondiewales Thanks for the feedback! The issue for me is that my pronunciation isn't great and I have to focus a lot on the lyrics. Once I get comfortable with that, then I might be able to focus on pitch and tempo. The purpose of this thread is for me to practice Mandarin more than anything. :smile:
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    Your pronunciation isn't bad. Let me know if you have any questions on Mandarin. I'm not amazing at it but my pronunciation is usually good.
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    My eleventh cover is a song I recently learned. I just liked the song and chose to cover it. Note that this is probably the hardest Mandarin song I tried in terms of lyrics and speed so it was quite a learning experience. I had to learn to pronounce a lot of words so hopefully my pronunciation is acceptable. Certain lacking techniques do show up in this cover but I hope to one day resolve those as I keep working on my singing.

    The song is called Tian Ce Qiong Hun (天策·枪魂). Tian Ce is the title given by the founder of the Tang dynasty to his song. Qiong Hun is the soul of a Chinese weapon called Qiong which's basically a Chinese spear (don't ask me what the difference is between this and the western spear). This song was actually written for a Chinese online game that I never even heard off. I was just watching some AMV regarding the Three Kingdoms and this was one of the songs I heard. It's basically about war and how a warriors rises to the occasion to fight for the Tang dynasty while also being plotted against back home by the politicians.

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    Hi Rick,

    Would it be interesting if you translate this song into english and sing an english version? - The song sounds pretty interesting.

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    Hi @doc_ramadani ,

    I only wish my translation skills were that good. Sadly, I can barely write a song from scratch with English, let alone translate this into English that would sound decent as a song. I picked it because it's interesting but singing it is about the most I can do. Maybe one day...

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    My twelfth cover is an old song I used to sing a lot but, for whatever reason, stopped. After I got the rust off, I think I did an okay job overall. There are always room for improvements. The song is called Mei Li de Shen Hua (美丽的神话). The song name can be translated as Beautiful Myth. This was the song for the movie: The Myth and it speaks of a love story. The love story began in ancient Chinese history and was entering a proper conclusion in present day in the movie. Basically, this involves reincarnation and how one of the characters remembers his past life and trying to conclude it. The lyrics, as I'll do my best translating, will be speaking of this.

    The lyrics start by saying we seeing a familiar face in our dreams and, regardless how many tears we shed from this painful memory, we won't ever let go of the other person. We made a promise that has seen us living in loneliness but love will eventually wake up between us. Throughout the ages, only love last forever as a myth and nothing will make us regret true love. After much pain and struggle, us holding hands will see us never part again.

    Then, the song speak of love that's frozen in ice and the ice can only be melted when two true hearts meet. The love, also seen as a small flame faced with winds, will never be blown out. Many springs have passed as we waited for the flower to bloom but many see us as fools for waiting. No matter how cold our heart becomes, we will never forget the person we love.

    Near the end, the song speaks of love being an eternal myth through the good and bad times. No one forgets the promise no matter how ancient it might be. Our love's tears become colorful butterflies in the sky. The love that has finally been released allows both hearts to fly freely. This doesn't make sense by itself but, when we take into the movie into account, it makes more sense. The male character had a past life where he made a promise for his love. In present day, he wishes to fulfill that promise as his love still hasn't changed. When the two lovers finally got united, there's tears of joy. This just proves that love will last through the ages if necessary and true love can't ever cease to exist. Above is my best attempt of translating.

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    My thirteenth cover is another old song I used to sing a lot. I didn't need too many tries as the lyrics were quite familiar for me. The song is called Tong Hua (童话). The song name can be translated as Fairy Tale. This is a love song and we'll move onto the lyrics themselves.

    The song begins by saying that it's been a long time since I heard you tell me your favorite story and I panic with the thought that I did something wrong again. When I approach you, you were crying and told me fairy tales are lies and I cannot be your prince. Yet, you didn't know that, the moment you told me you loved me, my sky was instantly lit up by shining stars. The chorus says I wish to become the angel in your fairy tale and turn my hands into wings to protect you in hopes of making you believe that, like the fairy tales, our ending is filled with blessings and happiness. The last chorus, instead of of saying our ending is filled with blessings and happiness, says that we can write our own ending together.

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    What strikes me most on this one is your pretty good pitch, Rick. It also sounds more musical because of good timing and contiguous singing. Sorry, that I can not give you any feedback on the pronunciation. :joy:

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    My fourteenth cover is another old song I used to sing a lot. I don't know why I stopped singing this because it's just fun to sing. The song is called Ben Pao (奔跑). The song name is literally translated as Run. By itself, the song name doesn't make much sense. However, it will once we get to the lines themselves.

    The song begins with us moving at 70 mile/hour with a carefree expression. We hope to reach the Aegean Sea and running at full speed to reach the dream on the other shore. We wish to travel around the world and see miracles for ourselves. We wait for the sunset to dye the sky red and, standing shoulder to shoulder, make a wish.

    Then, we get to the chorus where we run with the wind and let it take us in whatever direction. We also chase after the power of thunder and lightning. We are capable of filling our chest with the vast seas so that even the boat with the smallest sails can sail afar. We then use our dreams as wings to help us fly with the wind. We find the courage to love and take action in life. It doesn't matter how big the risk or how big the wave. We will always have tacit understanding over the situation.

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    My fifteenth cover is another old song I used to sing a lot. For whatever reason, I recall being better at this song but I guess I wasn't that good. It's tough but these challenges are just what I need to improve as a singer.

    The song is called Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou (一千年以后). The song name is translated as A Thousand Years Later. It's a song about only love existing after a thousand years have passed. The music video is one of those sci-fi stories where a robot become an actual human after waking up a thousand years later only to find the woman he loved gone and, in an empty world, only love remained.

    The song begins by saying our heartbeat messes up the rhythm while dreams don't come easily. Love is a promise I don't have to make and I hold onto it even a thousand years later. I am waiting inside ruins for our love to return while ignoring the helplessness and the dust building up around us. Our tears can't bear all the love that you need.
    Then we get to the chorus. One thousand years later, I have long ceased to exist in this world. I can no longer hold your hand affectionately and lightly kiss your forehead. Don't wait till one thousand years later when everyone has forgotten about me. In the desert under the red sunset, who will overcome the loneliness built up over a thousand year?

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    My sixteenth cover is another old song I used to sing a lot. This song also seemed harder than I remembered but hopefully I'll do it justice eventually. Still have much to improve upon.

    The song is called Wo de Hao Xiong Di (我的好兄弟). The song name is translated as My Trusted Brother. It's a song about having a brother who, while not related to you in blood, can be trusted through your highs and lows. Let's get to the lyrics as it explains it pretty well.

    The song is referring to our brother as you. When you achieved fame and glory, let me sing a song for you. If you are having a hard time, you should tell me. We'll walk the road before us together and cross the river together. It doesn't matter if it's difficult and exhausting. If you need me, I'll be there for you. Tell me the hardships you are experiencing. Life is filled with ups and downs but we must stay strong. We've cried and laughed. At least you still have me.

    We then move onto the chorus. Our friendship is higher than the sky and more far-reaching than the earth. We will always remember the years we've been through. Our friendship is the hardest thing to come by in this life, like a cup of wine and an old song.

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    My seventeenth cover is another old song I used to sing. These are bringing me a lot of memories from a much simpler times when I don't have as much responsibilities and burdens to shoulder.

    The song is called Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni (突然好想你). The song name is translated as Suddenly really Missing You. It's a song about suddenly missing a former boyfriend or girlfriend and wondering how the other person is doing now.

    The songs begins by saying that I'm most afraid of four things:the sudden silence around me, the sudden concern from friends, the sudden endless cramping pain stirred up by memories and the sudden news of you. If there's a sound, then I prefer it not be from weeping due to sorrow. Until now, I thought I finally regained control of myself but my tears show that I cannot deceive myself.

    The chorus is I suddenly really miss you and wonder where you could be. Are you living happily or with grievances? I suddenly really miss you and memories pierces back into my consciousness. My eyes suddenly got blurry.

    Next verse says that we are like a beautiful song that ended up being two sorrowful movies. Why were you with me on the most unforgettable journey and then left behind the most painful souvenir?

    The following verse (bridge?) says that we were very sweet, beautiful and trusting. We were also crazy for one another and passionate for each other. Why did we run towards our individual happiness and grow old with many regrets?

    We then move onto the chorus followed by the repeat of the first verse. The ending says that I'm most afraid of having the resolve to live without you but suddenly I heard the news about you.

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    My eighteenth cover is another old song I used to sing a lot. I personally really like the singer of this song as he sang many incredible songs. Sadly, I can't do this song justice yet.

    The song is called Rang Wo Huan Xi Rang Wo You (让我欢喜让我优). The song name is translated as Making me both happy and sad. It's a love song about the joy and sorrow regarding losing someone after loving that person.

    The song begins by saying that love has come to an end and, as a chinese idiom, the water poured into the ground cannot be retrieved anymore. Feeling some love and feeling some hate. Why do I wait until it's too late before I remember your tenderness? You cared for me and rid my sorrows. You also gave me a lot of worry. Late at night, I wait endlessly as I weep alone and endure alone. How I wish I can say I love you and how I wish to say I'm sorry. You were crying and said that our love has run out. Hard to continue, hard to continue.

    The chorus is the following: Please give me a little bit more time, a bit more greeting and don't take everything away. Please give me a little bit more room, a little bit more tenderness and don't let me suffer so much.

    The next verses starts by saying that a woman like you make me both happy and sad. You make me willingly give out and up everything. Then, the song repeats these.

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    My nineteenth cover is another old song I stopped singing at some point due to life getting busy. It certainly sounds very different from modern songs but there's always something special about these older songs.

    The song is called Ai Ru Chao Shui (爱如潮水). The song name is translated as Love is Like a Tide. It's another love song. I'll try to get a non-love song next time to change it up a bit.

    The song begins by not asking you why you are crying and not caring who is in your heart. Please let me comfort you no matter if we have a happy or sad ending. After traveling through many mountains and miles of oceans, you will be forever be beautiful in my heart. Since I've already loved you, I have no regrets and resentment. I'm willing to carry any hardship that comes with it. My love is like a tide that pushes me towards you and surrounds me and you.

    The chorus says that I don't want to see you drunk late at night and letting other men see your attractiveness. You should know this would make my heart break. Promise me that you won't be wandering late at night and be easily tempted to indulge. You should know know this would make my heart break.

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    Rick, @Rick_amateur

    I don't understand Mandarin but for me it sounds that you Mandarin Singing became much more contiguous. It sounds a little more modern therefore.

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    @doc_ramadani Well, I am influenced by more modern songs so maybe that's rubbing off on me. Still have ways to go but appreciate you for listening!
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    My twentieth cover is another old song I stopped singing at some point due to life getting busy. It's a pretty old song from 1985 and it, like the We are the World in USA, was a song sung by a bunch of singers. As promised, it's not a love song and it has a lot of meaning behind it. This might take awhile to translate.

    Note: This video shows me singing on my upper range where I had to use my head voice quite a bit. It didn't feel right one octave lower so I decided to challenge myself to do this higher. One day, I'll sing in this range no problem. For now, let's just say that this is best I can get. A long way to go for sure.

    The song is called Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao (明天会更好). The song name is translated as Tomorrow will be Better. As the name suggests, this song should be uplifting to suggest that, regardless how bad our today might be, tomorrow will be better.

    The song begins with us gently waking up our sleepy mind and slowly opening up our eyes. We then see if the busy world is still rotating by itself. The spring wind doesn't understand our feelings and emotions and yet it still moves the hearts of the youth. Let the tear marks on our face yesterday be like our memory that is dried by the wind. We then look up in search of wings in the sky and noticed signs of migratory birds. They bring us news of survival in faraway lands that are plagued by famine and cruel wars.The white snow drifting on the jade-like mountains ignite the flames in the youth's heart. This allowed true feelings to melt into musical notes to send blessings to faraway lands.

    Then, we arrive at the chorus where we sing out with our passion and reach out with your hands. Let us embrace your dreams and remember your sincerest face. Let our smiles fill the world with the pride of the youth and give tomorrow the most devout prayer.

    The next verse starts with us asking who would abandon one's home and one's childhood memories. Who could bear seeing yesterday's worries take away our smile today? The youth doesn't understand this world where the rouge get stained by dust. Let the tears from long ago moisten and nourish your face.

    Then we have the chorus.

    The next verse begins like the first verse when we wake up our sleepy mind and slowly open our eyes to see if the busy world is still rotating. The sunrise awakens the morning and the earth is reborn with new life. Let the warm breeze create the sound needed to compose the musical chapters of life.

    Finally, we end with the chorus and it can repeated as many times as needed.

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    My twenty first cover is another old song I've been putting off until I'm a bit better at singing. I felt that this was a good time to try it and return to it a year from now to measure my progress.

    The song is called Zhen Xin Ying Xiong (真心英雄). The song name is translated as Sincere Hero and it speaks of hopes, dreams and treasuring our friends and family.

    The song starts off by saying there is a dream in my heart. I hope to use my singing to help you forget all your pains. Under the brilliantly lit sky, who is the sincere hero? It's the ordinary people who move me the most. With no more hatred and no more pain, I wish there was love everywhere between the people. Let our songs bring out your sincerest smile and bless your life to be forever changed for the better.

    The chorus then tell us to seize every single minutes of our lives and doing our best chasing our dreams. There can be no rainbow if we experienced no wind and rain. No one can simply succeed. Seize every single moving moments in our lives and embrace our loving friends. Let our most sincere words and tears of joy flow through the heart of you and mine.

    The the verses and chorus repeat with chorus repeated at the end.

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    My twenty second cover is another fun song I weirdly recall I can sing better before. I know it's not perfect with a few minor mistakes but I didn't have too much free time for recording and this was my best attempt out of all of them.

    The song is called Di Ji Ge Yi Bai Tian or Di Ji Ge 100 Tian (第几个一百天 or 第几个100天). The song name is translated as How Many Hundreds of Days.

    The song begins with I cover the sky with my love so the anxious you can see it as soon as you look up. I light my heart into a flame so you can fall asleep in the warmth despite being afraid of the dark. I know that time is like snow and sometimes covers everything. Yet, true love is strong and will be reborn like a green leaf.

    The chorus then goes how many hundreds of days and I still have my feelings for you. I use my eyes to see you inner world. How many hundreds of days and it's almost like we just fell in love. Two people holding hands can forever change their destiny.

    We then have the second verse repeating followed by the chorus. Then we have the bridge before ending with the chorus. The bridge goes as follows: The sensitivity and weakness you once had, you just lie down on my chest and don't talk about it anymore. The stubbornness and rashness you will have, I will embrace you, comfort you, forgive you and worry about you.

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    My twenty third cover is a song I'm not very familiar of but I certainly like it enough to cover it. I know it's not perfect with a few minor mistakes but it's a matter of constantly trying and just see where the journey goes.

    The song is called Wo Niu (蜗牛). The song name is translated as Snail. Due to being unable to find good karaoke and not familiar enough to work with instrumentals, I decided to go Acapella. The song isn't terribly long and repeats but I like it.

    The song starts off by asking whether we should take off our heavy shell to find where the blue sky is. We gently float along the gentle breeze as the hurt we experience doesn't bring us pain.

    The chorus then goes I want to climb up step by step to wait for the sunlight so I can quietly watch the sun's face. There are big dreams in the small sky as I look up at the sky with the shell wrapped around me. I want to climb up step by step to reach the peak and fly with the leaves. The tears and sweat I shed under the small sky will eventually lead to a day I have my own sky.

    For one of the choruses, it has a slight variation where, after flying with the leaves, it goes let the wind dry the tears and sweat I shed. The song also ends with this variation followed by I have my own sky one day.

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    My twenty fourth cover is a song I really enjoyed singing in the past. Due to unable to find instrumental, I have to sing this acapella. This might happen often if I cannot find karaoke or instrumentals for these songs.

    The song is called An Lian (暗恋). The song name is translated as Secret Crush. As the title suggests, it's a bit of a song about having a crush on someone and the lyrics explains the thoughts of the singer.
    This is also my first cover where there are English lines thrown in with the Mandarin lyrics. It definitely feels odd singing this way but it's good practice.

    The song starts off with I met you again last night and you are still so beautiful. I was so nervous that I couldn't speak and only stupidly stared at you. I crave that we can forever be this close so I can be with you. When I woke up, I realize that all of this was just a dream. I told myself to stay calm but I cannot stop thinking about you. My weakness is starting to make me hate myself. Are you guarding against me or do I just lack confidence? Yet, no one can stop me from having a secret crush on you. So lonely...

    The chorus then goes: So here I am, standing all alone. I'm at some street where I'm just waiting for you. Here I am, waiting just for you. Revealing all that's inside me and hoping you can understand and accept me. So lonely.

    Next verse goes I crave to see you again tonight even if it's in a dream. The brief sweetness of the moment is greater than not having you for an eternity. Even if there are no happy endings and I have to give it up, I wish to show my all of sincerity only to touch your heart. I willing.

    Modified chorus: Everything stays the same except the ending where: revealing all that's inside me. What must I do for you to accept me? I like you (I like you). I want you (I want you). I love you!


    My story ends here and, even if you are still curious, I said all that I wanted to share and rest are just secrets. At some street, you can hear some certain melody. That's me quietly singing a song about how I love you, [name]. (I hear this as Jenny but I'm not 100% certain)

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    My twenty fifth cover is a song I heard quite a bit recently due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China and I wanted to sing it. It's a very beautiful song that I can't quite do justice yet. Luckily, the lyrics weren't terribly hard as I had to learn from scratch.

    The song is called Rang Shi Jie Chong Man Ai (让世界充满爱). The song name is translated as Fill the World with Love. As the title suggests, it's a song about making the world a better place. Once again, I couldn't find a Karaoke track I liked and there weren't any instrumentals that I can find so I went acapella again. I think this might become a new norm if songs I like just don't have any tracks for me to use.

    The song begins with let me gently hold your face in my hands and wipe away all of your tears. This heart of mine will always belong to you so you can tell me you won't ever be lonely. I watch deeply into your eyes as we don't need anymore words. I tightly hold onto your hands and this warmth has never changed.

    The chorus then goes we are joyful together. We persevere together. We all have the same hopes. We weather storms together. We chase dreams together. We all treasure the same kind of love.

    The next verse goes no matter if we have met before. No matter if you're close or faraway. I sincerely wish you well. Pray you have a happy and peaceful life.

    After that, it's basically the verses alternating with the chorus.

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