New cover song: Cyndi Lauper. I has to use vocal pitch correction on a few parts ):

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For the life of me I couldn't seem to do this fully without pitch correction on the voice. The last two weeks I felt were pretty awesome going through the lessons. I have learned that I have been singing WAYYYYY TOO LOUD, this song I had a few places of singing too loud but I think most of it was decent.

Thank you all for your feedback


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    Yeah I hear you, definitely there are some pitch issuesz, which is kinda a surprising when compared to your message in a bottle cover. I think you went higher in that one and sounded effortless while here you sound strained. Instrumentaly the cover is good, tho transition to chorus could have been smoother. My only complaint would be the bass player out playing by the pool, its like the guy likes the song but doesn't wanna know anything about your metal idealism. Tho he's holding a bass covered with punk stickers? It's bizarre. 8/10
  • Ha ha, yea he’s a scientist. He works for NASA. He didn’t want to be in the video but I twisted his arm.

    Thank you for the feed back. I’m still trying to find my voice. I think it’s easier to sing higher than lower. I keyed up Message in a bottle so that it was for comfortable.
    This song I keyed up also but maybe not enough. When I tried to sing it in the original key it was REALLY bad.
    I’m working hard on the program taking it all the way back to Vol 1 and watching the videos.
    I sure hope I bet better soon. It’s frustrating being nearly 50 and having a hard tome with pitch.
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    I’m 56 and have to work hard at it every day but it will come to you. It takes time. Be patient and celebrate all the small victories
  • Thank you, I appreciate that. I will keep on keeping on!
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    If u do Mars volta inertiatic esp I'm sold
  • I like requests! I’ll look it up. Not familiar with Mars Volta’s music. I know who they are though. Thomas Pridgen is an amazing drummer.
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