61 years young and just getting started

BasilJBasilJ Member Posts: 4
Hi everyone, I am a young 61 and have played in bands all through the 80's primarily as a bass player. I got fed up with dealing with egotistical singers that were not willing to work as hard as the rest of the band and left the business. My old guitar player still wails and has continued on playing in cover bands and my old drummer is still playing with Dream Theater. I knew I had a good band then, but ended up quitting because we could not find a singer that shared our musical vision. I had the opportunity to retire this year and the #1 item on my bucket list is to learn how to sing correctly and maybe get back to playing in some classic rock cover bands and maybe even taking the lead vocals on some tunes. I'm on day 15 of the course and already learning all sorts of cool things about singing I never knew before.


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