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Looking for Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Reviews - Does it really work?


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    MarceloMarcelo Pro Posts: 16
    I have sung since I can remember. After change my voice in teenage stage, obviously, my voice low down so much ... it was so depressing can't sing my favorites songs. I had to learn to reach mid notes, sadly in a very bad form.

    That was until I knew KTVA method! That was so amazing! I started my vocal training in march of this year, and now, almost on july, my voice has suffered a tremendous improvement, highlighting TREMENDOUS. Now I can reach practically all the notes that I want, and I'm only on the beginning of Stage 3. 

    Thanks Ken and all of you guys on this forum!
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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162

    I had been singing for many years. From school days (mainly in pantomimes ect.) then vocaled in a few rock/punk bands.In that time I had a few vocal lessons and some limited guidance..thats about it. I had not sung at all for at least 10 years then decided to vocal again, I found that I could hold a few notes but really struggled with range and was just not hitting anything, I started searching (online) for some advice and so forth. I then (after listening to quite a few coaches) came across Ken Tamplin.

    I thought I'd heard of him, and after a bit of research realized who he was. Now, this is not just anyone. This guy is an accomplished performer and star (not to mention one of the top vocalists around) I then listened to his speach on vocal coaching (which made all the sence in the world) and then listened to his demos and coaching styles. I could not believe what this man was offering. To be coached by Ken Tamplin himself was an absolute NO BRAINER. I then thought these lessons/courses would cost a fortune. I was amazed to find that they are very affordable to the point were I thought there must be some 'catch' to it. The content. the support and all the extra bits and pieces that get thrown in  as part of the deal is practically for nothing. Now that is just the service. Does the "Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy" lessons get results? All I can say is that my biggest regret is that I did not discover Ken Tamplin many, many years ago!!!.....People this is NOT JUST vocal coaching....I have also grown as a musician big time!

    Just remember, that learning how to sing is just the same as learning how to play the guitar or drums (I play drums too). Practice, practice and more practice. Oh. and of course THE CORRECT COACHING. I have posted many vocal demos in the KTVA forum and they have ALL been analized professionally and accuratly by by my friend Bob and Ken himself....this service alone is just brilliant man! I have learned more about he voice (not just singing) in the time I have been fortunate enough to be on this course than in ALL the previous years combined by a country mile!...like Ken says 'he is giving away diamonds and many, many years of experience man!' not to mention what I refer to as 'real world appications'.

    If you want to sing properly and well the "Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy" is the ONLY way to go...as for the rest, well, they are just poor imitations and down right pretty useless in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier, I wished I had discovered Ken many years ago. Oh well, better late than never. One more thing. My friends, ex band members and even some people who dont even like me can testify to the fact that I am a MUCH BETTER vocalist than I ever was. I suppose the proof is in the pudding...Sorry, I mean the SINGING!

    Tom Aitken (devoted student and KTVA fan)...Cheers

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    CurtisCurtis Pro Posts: 24
    In school, I was designated a Bass and sang Bass parts throughout. Later in life, I began playing in bands, but had no confidence to be a singer as a Bass (in the 80s?) so I relegated myself as a backup singer. Fast forward 25 years, I am still playing in various bands and have done limited "safe' lead vocals, but mainly have stayed a backup guy. My main band's lead singer quit and I stepped in to cover a gig and did...ok. I am now the vocalist as well as lead guitar. Watching Tosh.0 one night, I saw Ken on there. I remembered him from the 80s being an incredible vocalist. I looked up the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy online and began reading. I got on facebook and reached out to Ken and to my surprise, he personally responded back to me. He was very understanding of my questions and doubts, and was adamant he could help me.

    I have now been using his program for three months and I am amazed, as are my bandmates. My range has dramatically increased and I am now signing songs I would have never dreamed I could, nor would have tried to sing...not even with the radio. Every week there is something new and amazing that happens. All I can say is if you are considering this course, stop thinking and just BUY IT! I am telling you, I have been a musician for a long time and I have never seen something so dramatically and quickly make changes to your ability to perform. 

    This course truly is aptly named "How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else." I can't thank Ken and his moderators on this site for their attention and instruction. 

    All I can say humbly, is thank you...
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    vinvanvoltvinvanvolt Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. My name is Vin Van Volt. At one time in my life I was the lead singer for several Metal bands, Two of which were called Full Armor and Barren Cross. I was fortunate to spend many years of my life touring the USA and many parts of the world. My journey of course started by listening to many different bands who would definitely have an effect on my singing and eventually help to put me in the place where I would experience success that only a handful of musicians are ever privileged to. One of the Bands that I loved was called, "Shout". This was a band that was fronted by none other than Ken Tamplin! of course Ken would go on to record man many great records beyond Shout. I had the opportunity to meet Ken back in 1991 at a record release party and had even started asking him questions about his Vocal technique. Little did I know that years later he would put together and release this Stellar and to be honest, untouchable Vocal system, "Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy". Wow! If I had this system back when I was still doin it, God only knows what vocal work I would have been able to do. Here is the bottom line. If you are a singer, and you do not own this system, you have seriously limited yourself! Nuff said. Pick it up today and watch your Vox soar to the next levels! Hey, did I mention that Ken not only teaches to the highest levels of singing, but he can actually do it and sing it for you. His vocal ability is beyond what any coach that I have ever had could do themselves! Its genious! A real world class singer teaching you how to sing at a world class level, no matter what level you are starting from. Who'd a thunk it? Thank you Ken for the passion and commitment to the art of vocalizing that you have show here in your system, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! Y'all be blessed! Vin
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    bandband Pro Posts: 61
    The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the only singing course I would recommend and I have done lessons learning, classical and jazz singing as well as speech-level singing. The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 
    taught me more than any of those. And having a lesson with Ken is like having a genie in your pocket that fixes any problem within 5 minutes. Unbelievable but true.
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    Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,004
    Hi my name is Gaston and i have tried as many vocal programs as you could imagine i started out with roger love's set your voice free, then seth riggs' sing for the stars, then mark baxter's singer surival manual and singers tool box dvd, then brett manning's singing success, then i tried melissa cross' zen of screaming, then Mi books both rock and technique, robert lunte pillars of singing, plus a lot of vocal lessons with many teachers hours and hours of youtube tips, the list goes on and on, finally i found a youtube video on how to sing , and i heard it "hi my name is Ken Tamplin,......heeeeeeEeeeeyeaaaaaaahaaaahaaaaa ooohhh oh babe..." As soon as i heard that i just knew this was not B.S. so i bought i researched a bit and bought it and even though i did learn from all this other programs and i did gain some range, KEN TAMPLIN is by far the BEST PROGRAM PERIOD, best explanations on how to do excersices , on vocal placement, feedback on the forum, GAIN REAL RANGE, complete logical application on excersices, freedom, Ful voice, not just mid voice or small mix loud singing and belting, i am a real commited singer, i dont just do a couple of days i really want to understand my instrument, and know what im doing, i dont just want to be a good singer i really want to be considered a monster in my voice really take full advantage of it, i ve been doing it for a year and a half now and i really notice my vocal power and people does too! How to sing better than anyone else program is the best program out there with the best info best application best way to learn how to really sing!!!!! period

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    JoshuaJoshua Member, Enrolled Posts: 108
    The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the premier stage for people who want "that" voice. I've often said, it's more than just singing, it's how singing is done; meaning the mechanics. What this means is that when you hear a voice on the radio, you'll know how they achieved that sound and you'll be able to duplicate it and incorporate it into your arsenal.

    Second to that, it's legit because it also gives you the power to actually sound like a professional singer. In my 80's band I get tons of compliments on my voice. Which is very cool. It's one of the only things I've ever done where I can honestly say, it was the program and not natural trial and error that got me to where I am. I was headed for 'losing-my-voice-ville" before I met Ken. Now I'm a powerhouse. What's different? The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, which I'm still using before every gig.
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    DieguchasDieguchas Enrolled Posts: 1
    Hi All , First of all i just wanna thank Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy for giving me my confidence back and putting me back on track , i couldn't believe how far ive gotten since i started the program. i tried so many methods before and none of those worked at all , just fake promises. All i got to say it that thi is the ONLY METHOD thats gonna make you sing like a real Pro and its gonna help you achieve what you want as a singer in any level. Thank you Ken , you re the man Bro.

    Diego- London-UK
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    jakejake Enrolled Posts: 1
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    I've trained with some of the most famous and 'best' vocal coaches in the industry, who to this day works with the most famous names in the music business. I can't begin to imagine how many thousands I've spent on training over a period of many years.

    Unequivocally, I can tell you that Ken's training beats anything I've seen hands down.

    Ken is a complete master of the craft, a master of instructing others (these do NOT go hand-in-hand!) and he doesn't hold information back.

    Do you know that many teachers string students along, doling out minimal information to try to get the most money out them? I was once even told by one teacher that her instructor taught her the 'fine art' of milking clients!

    Ken does not do this, he doesn't have to do this because, unlike 95% of vocal coaches out there, he isn't lacking in knowledge of the voice. On the contrary, if anything he can give you so much information that you have to work to keep up.

    When I first started working with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I was also working with a producer of 25 gold records and an Emmy award. In the first 6 weeks I did 3 hours of training everyday 6 days a week. Yea, I LOVE training :).  At the end of the 6 weeks the producer told me I had "defied the laws of physics" with the advances made.

    I go sing a 3 hour rehearsal with my band - and 'difficult' material - and often do exercises afterwards if I don't feel I got a really good workout.

    I'm a vocal powerhouse now and this was only possible with Ken's training. Thank you maestro Tamplin!

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    alexalex Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2

    Just another personal testimony in addition to the many others thus far...  There are many different approaches out there to singing and I have sampled a few through a few different coaches.  The huge differentiating factor with Ken is that he can literally sing anything as he demonstrates on his you tube postings.  If you move through his volumes and practice daily you will improve beyond what you thought possible.  I highly recommend that you also compliment this with personal skype lessons as well so that you know you are doing things correctly.  Practice doesn't always make perfect but perfect practice does!  When I started with Ken I could sqeak out a B4 on my best day.  Now I can hit B5 and everything in between feels pretty easy.  Basically, to sum things up, if you are really serious about singing, then you need a serious coach with a proven plan.  Ken Tamplin and his program are the real deal.  Hope this helps!

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    themadreaderthemadreader Pro Posts: 9
    I'll be brief.
    I started KTVA in February 2011.
    Does it work? Oh yeah! I record my progress and it's shocking the difference from 2 years ago. Even one year ago.
    I am also convinced my voice will continue to grow.
    I absolutely enjoy having KTVA and singing as a part of my daily life.
    Thank You KTVA!
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    ryanhaeriryanhaeri Pro Posts: 1
    I'm 16 yrs old and have been working with Ken since I was 14.  I would not be anywhere near the singer and musician I am now if it wasn't for Ken. Ken Tamplin is a one of a kind singing coach whom I have been blessed to train with and be mentored by. Ken has taught me the art of singing "the correct way" and has developed my singing abilities to levels that I would've never been able to achieve with another coach... and I had a few .....I know that if I'm lucky enough to continue working with him as I have been, I can reach the level of success that I've always dreamed of.  Ken is so much more than a vocal coach, he is a mentor and an advocate.  I've been to more auditions and been invited to more competitions and gigs through his advocacy and contacts than I've been to through my own agent and manager.  I know with his guidance I am going to continue getting better and give myself a better chance of success.

    If you are serious about becoming a better singer, you would want Ken in your corner!
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    René RennerRené Renner Enrolled Posts: 36
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    First of all guys, aren´t we all fed up with vocal coaches that (try to) teach people to sing while not really singing themselves, referring to their college and university degrees, trying to fool their students (sometimes even themselves) into believing they are highly qualified as coaches while sitting in their ivory towes and talking the talk?
    I certainly was! To be honest, I am quite picky with the voices of vocal teachers as I grew up believing that somebody teaching something should at least be able to prove their methods by the incredibly sound principle of demonstration.
    Some coaches do so miserably and some coaches do so rocking all the way.
    One of them is Ken Tamplin, who happens to sell one of the best vocal courses I have ever had the privilege of learning from. I now have a strong 3 octave range which I use with great power. (G2-Ab5/ up to F7 in whistle)
    Although not having any aspirations of becoming a professional singer, as going to law school for my later job as a lawyer, as well as working on my career as an author is keeping me quite busy, I just could not simply walk through that strange adventure called life without my wonderful hobby of singing. 
    With Ken´s guidance and never ending curiosity and hunger for improvement I am now screaming like a banshee in one song and belting out Mario Lanza in the next one.
    But not only has the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Course rocked my singing voice, it has also helped me a lot with my speaking as it is a tool of high importancy for my later job and of high usage in my everyday´s life.
    Big thank you goes out to Ken for making this program a reality and to everyone in this forum, trying to make the singing world a better place without forming strange animal sounds for coaches that cannot even sing themselves.

    Greetings from Austria :)


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    michaeldoubmichaeldoub Member Posts: 1

    It’s been just over a year since I first found KTVA and after doing some online research decided to take a leap of faith and purchased all pre-recorded lessons that included a beginner, intermediate and the masters vocal training routines. I’ve been practicing on a regular basis ever since, often every day, but sometimes with breaks due to travelling and other commitments. Before, taking this course, I haven’t had much vocal training, but did take some lessons with a professional opera singer. Although the opera coach was telling me that if I develop my voice with his training then I can sing anything, I didn’t really find this to be the case. Instead my voice started to sound just like in opera. At the time I was also doing some gigs singing some Russian pop and ballads, so I found the opera sound to be rather inappropriate and the techniques that I’ve learn hard to apply. E was my highest note, and that’s only on a good day. And my vocals at the time were extremely inconsistent, particularly with my voice often going hoarse.

    So, that’s when I found Ken’s system, and things started to change. I must say that after a year of regular practice my singing mechanics have changed completely. I’ve learned a lot about the voice, and the techniques required to open up the range and to be able to hit those high notes time after time. It seems that the way I was singing before was simply completely wrong. I have now an amazing system of coordinates, so to speak, which enables me to understand how the sound is produced and before I open my mouth I know what technique to apply in order to produce a certain result, and interestingly enough is that this technique is often the opposite to what I was trying to do in the past. Indeed, I believe that singing is rather much more complex and challenging task especially if you are trying to perfect it, than what I thought it to be in the beginning. But being with KTVA I really feel like I’ve got a solid system which did wonders to my range, helped me to establish my voice which often works quite mechanically now like some kind of a machine.

    Some months ago I’ve stopped doing gigs, concentrating on writing and recording my own songs. Recently, I’ve decided to have a go on one of my more challenging songs that I used to sing, and surprisingly it was not challenging at all, so I’ve continued through my entire old repertoire (about 15 songs) and sang all of them in one go – my voice was fine when I finished and I could go again if needed. I’ve produced few records in the past year, and as I go, my sound engineer is always surprised with how much my vocals have improved. Last time he said, that if it’s going to go same way, then I’ll have to record all my songs again, just because I’m so much better now. I can take almost any song now, and I really mean any, and try to have a go at it, and most of the time rather successfully. I know I still have a long way to go, and it’s due to the fact that singing is not just opening your mouth, but it’s to do with a lot of work, just like in anything, and to reach a level close to perfection will take heaps of dedication, but at least I know I’m in good hands. Just a note about online lessons that helped me a great deal. Ken is really good in noticing what you need and what you are not doing right. He immediately points you in the right direction and as a result everything just starts to make more sense. It’s rather amazing  and I didn’t really realise what can be done via a webcam. So I highly recommend these. KTVA is great and Ken is a talented vocal coach and a great guy!

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    SaraLoeraSaraLoera Member, Moderator, 2.0 ENROLLED, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 3
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    The proof is in the pudding with the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. There simply is no other vocal method that can deliver all the things his program delivers, and as quickly. A lot of people try to compare KTVA with SLS. My curiosity brought me to SLS to see what the big deal was about, and I quickly found out that it had some important things in common with KTVA, but was incapable of developing any resonance, range, and power in your singing. SLS essentially teaches you to be a good soft, wimpy singer. Either that or an operatic sounding singer. For a modern singer who doesn't want to sound operatic or wimpy, KTVA is the only way to go. He will bring your voice to new heights that you never thought were imaginable. His course is extremely practical and easy to follow, and doesn't involve weird burpy exercises where you're making noises that don't even resemble sounds you would make while singing. Ken and his program inspired me to follow my dream and become a professional singer (it worked!). One thing that I know sets me apart from other singers is my range, power, and stamina. KTVA brought me this. The road I was on before doing his program would have left me vocally unable to work as a professional, singing night after night. Applying his techniques has enabled me to sound like a million bucks even after singing for several hours 5 or 6 days in a row. Sometimes, if I'm working with someone on a gig and they complain about trouble hitting a high note, I give them a tip that I steal from Ken and it always works, instantly. It's pretty amazing. Granted, these people already have some mastery of their voice, but it still always surprises me how well his method works. It takes a bit of time to train yourself to his method, but once it becomes second nature, you will be unstoppable. It helped me with my range, pitch, everything. Ken has been taught by some of the best singing masters around the world, and you can trust every incredibly informed word that comes out of his mouth. He is an awesome guy too, it helps to have someone who can make you smile and laugh during a skype session. To sum it up, if you are willing to put some time into it, his program really is magic in a bottle. And by the way...have you heard the guy??? Mindblowingly awesome. I want to sound like that!!
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    FelipaoFelipao Pro Posts: 1
    Ken is a fantastic human being and coach who deeply cares and loves what he does. He without a doubt is a master of the voice Not only in his understanding of how the voice works, but in its execution as an instrument as well. A fantastic versatile singer who can demystify the art of singing. I came to Ken after having studied with many known vocal coaches around the Los Angeles area. For some reason I felt I had hit a wall and wasn't achieving the growth I desired. I kept asking myself : was this the extent of my instrument ? I had my determination but it wasn't until ken showed me his method that I received the best tools to grow the voice. In 6 months working with Ken I have fully transformed myself as a singer, and the best part is that I am just getting started, because with Ken you realize that the sky is the limit. My range , tone , pitch, style , and technique have all benefited enormously and I owe Ken a great deal, as he has been critical in my career as a musician and singer. With his help I was able to find my voice and finish recording my debut album. I highly recommend his vocal program to anyone who is serious in becoming the singer they dream off. Just make sure to bring your passion and determination :)
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    LasoLaso Pro Posts: 28
    Honestly, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is one of the best things I have ever experienced. I have always liked singing but never had paid any attention to it before I bought Volume 1 of KTVA.

    I bought only one part (Volume 1) first because I didn´t know what to expect. Now I regret I didn´t buy all bundle. I could have saved 100 dollars :) It has totally changed my life because since that time I have been practising every single day, 5 days a week, I have almost stopped smoking and have rearranged my daily-schedule, eating and many other habits - all that only because I have realized that my voice is something I want to grow and take care of. Why have I done it mainly? Because my singing has started to ROCK! 

    Everytime I finish singing with my band, or just at our local karaoke, people come to me and tell me I have an awesome voice, that it is a great gift etc. I mean, that´s cool - but when you know how you made it to sound so great - it´s even better! 

    When I started KTVA in February I was able to hit barely A4. And when I tried to hold the note for more than 3 secs I thought my throat was going to explode. Now - after about 6 months of intensive training with KTVA I easily hit high C full chest, and mixed voice I can do F5 quite fine. Yet still it´s not about the high notes. I can sing songs I was never able to sing before. 

    One thing is clear - everyone has a chance. If you believe and if you WANT to be a great singer, KTVA works.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
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    I've been a drummer in bands since before most of you were born.  When I was about 50-something, I decided that I wanted to be something more than just a wanna-be background vocalist.  I could sing some, but certainly not good enough to be a lead vocalist in public performances.

    I started purchasing just about every singing method that is or has been available on the planet.  I've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on vocal methods, done the exercises, read the books, watched the videos, etc...

    I learned SOMETHING from just about all of them.  Sometimes I learned that I just wasted my money.

    I probably spent over ten years with various vocal methods, and over that time I PRACTICED A LOT, and I did improve my voice some.  Still, none of those lessons gave me the breakthroughs I was wanting, the breakthroughs that could help me to develop my voice enough to become a competent LEAD SINGER in the bands I was playing in.  I wanted to be able to BELT out my favorite Rock Songs, but so far absolutely NONE of the training I had come across could even come close to that.  They all claimed they could, but NONE really did ANYTHING to teach you to ROCK OUT!

    I read everything I could find on the internet.  How the voice works.  Classical methods.  Anatomy.  Physics.  Acoustics. 

    One night I was googling Open Throat Singing, and Belting.  This guy I'd never heard of was demonstrating a belting, wailing, 3 1/2 octave siren that sounded like Robert Plant back in the good old days.  I listened to some more demos.  I realized that this person was singing songs EXACTLY LIKE I WANTED TO LEARN TO DO!!! 

    It was Ken Tamplin.  I listened to his story of how he had spent a fortune on lessons from the best-known  vocal teachers on Earth, spending every cent he had and using every ounce of energy to work out, over a thirty-year period. 

    Right then and there I knew that I had found what I had been looking for myself.  This guy was the real deal, and he was going to show me how to do it.  Not just show me a few tricks and keep me on the hook.  He was going to show how to get the sound I wanted and build my voice so that I could sing like that too.  He wasn't going to just talk about it.  He was going to show me how.  I would have to do the work.  He had learned the pathway to great singing and was going to lead me, and anyone else that cared enough to come along, on a wonderful journey towards a powerful, versatile voice.

     I am here to tell you that Ken's methods WORK.  Plain and Simple, it WORKS.  It's not overnight, although you will immediately notice changes and growth in your voice that are just a hint of what will eventually happen.  He shows you how to do it, and you have to put in the work to build your voice... and it WILL GROW.  Your progress will be directly proportional to the time, effort, and focus you apply to Ken's methods.

    Ken's methods are not just applicable to Belting and Wailing, but there is NOBODY OUT THERE teaching belting and wailing like KEN.  KTVA methods are also applicable to Jazz, R n' B, Musical Theater, Country AND Western, Soul, and You Name It!

    My only regret about KTVA is that I waited so long to find it, and then to purchase his program.  I was struggling with monthly finances and waited to save the money.  Common disasters like car trouble would drain my savings.  I kept putting off purchasing because I felt that I couldn't "afford" to spend "that much money".  I finally just bought it, and guess what?  I still had the same money issues, but NOW I had KTVA and my voice began to GROW!  I cheated myself out of several month's vocal growth by procrastinating for a wealthier day that would never arrive.  I only wish now that I had gone ahead and purchased Ken's program the day I found it.  No magical money tree has appeared in my backyard, so there was no point in waiting.  I would be that much further down the road on my vocal journey if I had just jumped in as soon as I found Ken's program!

    I'm about 3 years into KTVA now, and I thank myself for finally jumping in and beginning a journey that is gong to last the rest of my singing life.  Yes, I am STILL GROWING, even after three years, and as long as I continue doing Ken's exercises, workouts, warmups, and programs, there will be no end.  KTVA is the BEST PRESENT I'VE EVER BOUGHT FOR MYSELF.  I deserved it.  I thank myself for taking the plunge every day.  I'm thankful that Ken took his 30-year personal struggle to become a great singer and made it available to the public.

    I'm more excited about KTVA now than EVER.  Ken has continued to update and improve his methods.  He continues to produce more teaching videos, and never ceases to amaze. 

    You can't go wrong with KTVA.  It's what you've been searching for.  Don't delay.  Start Today.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
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    People, if you haven't already done so, click on the link above to Tina Alcorace's YouTube Videos!

    She is really an accomplished vocalist.  I've been a fan of Tina's since she first logged on to the KTVA forums a couple of years ago and shared some links.

    Listen to what she says about KTVA.  She knows what she's talking about.

    Way to go, @tinaalcorace!

    We would love to hear from you more on the forums!



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    JosephJoseph Pro Posts: 260
    KTVA is comprehensive and complete, and best of all underpinned by honesty and integrity. Most importantly, Ken not only teaches singing, he actually CAN sing, and not just sing, but smash it out of the ballpark. He has lived what he teaches, and he has formulated a program that targets the essence of proper singing technique. He has saved us all a lifetime of trying to figure all this out for ourselves. Further, he has made it readily available/affordable for the anyone who is interested in learning to sing.

    I am absolutely new to singing and been with the program for 12months to date. I started off as a 'natural' baritone (F4 highest note) and am now way up above male high C and doing exercises into the the soprano range (A5). I have cemented the foundations of proper singing. I have stretched my chest voice beyond anything i could ever image. I have smoothed my bridge between my chest and head voice, and next is stretching my head voice in both directions.

    What won me over is;
    1. KTVA provides a clear roadmap from beginner to professional
    2. KTVA identifies the problem spots and provides the tools/keys to unlock these doors
    3. KTVA is founded in Belcanto - techniques that are centuries of years old
    4. KTVA extends Belcanto beyond classical teachings, for modern/rock music and all other styles
    5. KTVA's forum is full of experienced people who are always on hand to answer your questions and provide help/direction/assistance
    6. KTVA just makes sense

    It is the best money i have ever spent on anything.
    Hand on heart.
    Joseph (Melbourne Australia)

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    tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 209
    highmtn said:

    People, if you haven't already done so, click on the link above to Tina Alcorace's YouTube Videos!

    She is really an accomplished vocalist.  I've been a fan of Tina's since she first logged on to the KTVA forums a couple of years ago and shared some links.

    Listen to what she says about KTVA.  She knows what she's talking about.

    Way to go, @tinaalcorace!

    We would love to hear from you more on the forums!



    Thank you @highmtn for the love and appreciation. Last night was the first official performance that had KTVA's application and I couldn't believe it. I was so confident in my technique I was able to emotionally dedicate myself to the song causing people to react in an overwhelming way. A blessing and I am truly thankful!
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    johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    Ken's program has worked absolute wonders for me, something for which I will remain forever grateful.



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    JoshrossJoshross Pro Posts: 5
    Ken is the real deal. He is worth every penny and has taken my voice to new heights. As a professional vocalist and voice teacher myself, Ken is excellent at challenging you regardless of your skill level. His encouragement, excellent technique, and upbeat personality make learning fun and exciting. I look forward to lessons, and Ken inspires me to continually practice and strive to improve each day.

    If you consistently practice with the tracks, listen to your voice lessons, and follow what Ken says, you will see DRAMATIC improvement in your voice. You will sing notes you didn't know you could possibly reach. 

    I strongly recommend Ken 
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    tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 209

    Ken Tamplin despite his incredible talent, knowledge, experience and success, I can honestly say that over the year that I have known Ken he is such a humble, giving and generous person and unlike some coaches, is genuinely concerned about your well being, progress and vocal health. I can honestly say that Ken Tamplin has become an amazing friend, mentor and coach and his constant advice and constructive criticism and technique has allowed me to always perform at my best and become even better each day! I am humbled and blessed to have met such an incredible person. I am humbled. He is an example of a person who has believed in me when others did not and has supported me from the beginning on a road that started no where and now is climbing to the top - something I will always remember and be grateful for.

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    MojoMojo Enrolled Posts: 5
    Hi All!
    This is a message from someone who is fairly new to the KTVA. I have to say that this has been the best investment I have made, in terms of vocal training.
    In the past 18 months I have been dissapointed with courses and private vocal training I have received. I finally took the plunge just before Xmas and bought volume 1 which I practiced everyday and found my voice had improved after a month and now I am on vol 2 and doing a combination of the diva and dudes exercises which is helping me get balance, intensity, stamina in my voice which I never had before.
    I say, go for it since it is well worth it but you need to put the work in to see the difference.
    Remember: Fortune favours the brave!!
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    streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    edited January 2015
    Everything a singer ever needed to know, including compression, distortion, proper breath support and what it does, proper head voice, falsetto, vibrato, mid-range, expanding chest, Mixed Voice, proper procedure to get mixed voice(Only source i have ever found that does this) Mask, Navigating Consonants, vocal health, how to record, how to prepare for live performance, Tone, textures, styles and so much more. Set out in an easy to understand work flow. This course is sometimes labelled as a Heavy Rock Vocal course... and it is. It teaches things other courses and certainly teacher's are scared to teach. It teaches the extremes but what isn't really advertised as much is that if you listen to the vids and the cd's is that you learn to sing softer and less athletic styles as well. In fact you are encouraged constantly to work the exercises in both a lighter voice and a heavier chestier tone once you develop the necessary technique and 'Buffness' This course works if you put the time in. The full course is designed is for those who want to become professional singers. I have been at it for about 7-8months and can belt out a B4 in full chest consistently and can hit an A5 In head voice on a good day. I haven't started the last portion of the course because i believe in order to get the full benefit of what is being offered here, One probably needs about 12-18 weeks for Vol. 1 and 2 each and about 4 months (and beyond as this becomes a pre gig ritual and can almost completely eliminate off nights) on Vol.3 before moving onto head voice. There is also a ton of Content on the forums including webinars and in Depth tutorials with live students from the foundations of Awesome singing to Advanced concepts. KTVA works. Period. End of Story. Maybe some of the other DIY courses do as well to some degree but nowhere near as quickly, as completely or as effectively. This course will grow your voice for years. This is the Equivalent of getting Rock guitar lessons off Steve Vai or Tennis lessons off Roger Federer. Perfect Technique and you can do whatever you want with it. Now with Audio sample. I couldn't even hit the chorus to Under the Bridge in January 2014 and was also told by Previous Voice teachers i was a low Bari and Would be stuck Crooning the rest of my life. This audio was recorded about 8 months in. https://soundcloud.com/treeterearnsowtoing (Repost due to empty post earlier in thread)
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    edited March 2015


    You are telling it like it is! I spent a small fortune on many different, less-expensive brands of online voice lessons before I finally found and purchased the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy course.   In KTVA, I finally found voice lessons that were worth more than what they cost!  I was afraid at first that it would be more wasted money, and worried, because they cost a bit more than any of the other online lessons.  I was pleased to find out that they were what I had been looking for all along and the rest of the lessons I took weren't even worth the money they had charged.  I should have just bought KTVA FIRST!

    I was being penny-wise and pound foolish to be afraid of KTVA lessons and the price.  It's the best money I've ever spent on myself!

    I'm glad you found out that KTVA is the real thing, too!


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    huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
    edited March 2015
    KTVA is the best vocal course I've ever seen by far.  Open throat technique is genius and Ken explains and guides you through the volumes perfectly. Every vowel sound and modifications are shown and explained so well that I think everyone will get it after some time of watching and trying to achieve the same big, open, round, resonant sound. I learned that bright "ping" in the sound (which is compression and good cord closure combined with good breath support and open throat with no tension in the throat/neck/chest while singing songs/exercises) is the key to growing the voice and since you got it you can't lose and you will make constant progress every day/week/month/year using these techniques in this course. It teaches you how to grow your chest voice so it becomes very strong and powerful (next head voice and light connection between these registers) not forgetting the connection between chest/middle/head and allowing you to sing in the mix voice as easy as SLS would teach you, but you will have much bigger, rounder, louder and better-quality sound using open throat stuff and appogio breath support technique that Ken teaches here. Also you will have much wider vocal range in your chest, head and mix voice which is great and you will definitely find singing difficult songs way easier sounding way better than before :) These are my thoughts and this is from my own perspective and experience with KTVA (all 3 volumes). If you want to sing and you care about your tone, pitch, power and stamina it's the best and most efficient vocal course with the best exercises by far. It more about the exact way of singing these scales (with proper breath suppot, posture, smoothing passagio, stretching chest, head, mix, applying vowel modifications etc.) that give you great results rather than just singing them. I highly recommend this course for everyone who wants to sing great, make progress, have strong and healthy voice for a lifetime. From a beginner ones all the way to the most advanced singers - you all will learn something :)
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    So far the program really works out well. I got better at singing some songs that are in the tenor range ever since i was getting close to completing Volume 1 of the "How to sing better than anyone else" course. This is good because like Ken, I am also a high baritone and there are a lot of songs i know that require you to sing in multiple ranges. Because of this, I am getting better at singing some songs that aren't within my range too much. They sound good but my voice sounds different. It's good to have people like Ken Tamplin to teach you how to sing in many styles. I saw one of his students on Youtube, and his name is Anthony Vincent. He sounds exactly like most of the singers he channels when he sings a song in 20 different styles.
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    jennyjenny Pro Posts: 3
    edited April 2015

    I have been looking for a coach or singing programme that would enable me to belt for the last three years without success- I found it hard to get past C5. Today it is day 1 of me owning the pro-bundle and I sang G5 in chest voice. I repeat, this is the first day and I haven't done any work outs yet- just applied breath support, open throat and vowel modifications!!!!

    I don't need to say more do I?

    Jenny :-)

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Awesome, @jenny!  Just think what you can look forward to months ahead, or a year from now!!

    The knowledge and instruction you get is great initially, but just wait and see what happens when you start actually doing the workouts and applying the techniques over an extended period of time!


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    jennyjenny Pro Posts: 3
    Thanks Bob! yes, I am looking forward to the days when I can soar into the stratosphere whilst only thinking about expression :-)
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    This is an awesome thread.  It's great to hear how Ken's program has changed so many student's lives for the better!

    How about you?  Has KTVA improved YOUR VOICE?


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    AdrianDAdrianD Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 103

    If you are reading this with an interest in purchasing KTVA, then you will get an honest opinion of the program from someone who has been doing it for 2.5 years, and who took a personal Skype lesson with Ken.

    As a person in a band who was scouring the city for male singers with a high range (and having no luck), I took it upon myself to learn how to sing.  I stumbled upon one of Ken's YouTube videos, and after seeing some of his student’s videos online I decided to take the dive and purchase the program.  I purchased the 3 volume bundle, and started on Vol. 1, putting in 5 days a week, 1 hour per day of singing with the program, and switched volumes after doing each for 6 months. 

    I can say with confidence that this program is a phenomenal starting point for someone who has little experience as he guides you through the exercises and gives you a solid vocal workout schedule for strengthening your vocal chords muscle memory. 

    Your voice will get stronger, and change with time as your range expands.  My range has since doubled (actually more than doubled) and with that comes other disciplines one must master & be aware of, like proper diaphragmatic support and vowel modifications, which he teaches.  I thought that you had to be born with high vocal range, but I was wrong.  You can develop it!

    The online forum is a great way to check if you're on track with the exercises if you're unsure of your technique, or have questions about virtually anything related to singing.  I have found the forum to be incredibly useful, and the staff moderators are very helpful and quick to respond. Even from sifting through old posts chances are you can find an answer to a question you're looking for.

    My Skype lesson with Ken was great, he can answer or help clear up questions about issues you may be encountering if you feel you can't get your answer through the forum.  Depending on what you want to work on he will tailor the lesson to you.  With me he ran the scales to check if I was modifying my vowels correctly.  You will get a recorded version of the lesson afterwards to review things you may have missed. He is a cool dude. I found the Skype lesson to be worth it, as I got a good idea of where I currently stand vocally, and what I need to focus on.  I would say get a Skype lesson once you have been doing the program for a little while, as he will probably give you information contained in the volume you are on, but if one on one works best for you then go for it!

    KTVA is worth every penny hands down. As someone who had zero singing experience it has given me a great path to follow. I've been able to record 2 albums, played at festivals and have gone on 3 tours across Canada with my band because of it. I still have a lot to learn, and have areas I need to work on, but it's all part of a growing and learning process, which comes with any type of skill development.

    I'll post a video below of me singing.

     All the best to all of you, and good luck on your vocal journey!



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Moon Tan ROCKS! Great vocals, too. I can listen to these guys all day long!
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    olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    The KTVA course is perfection.
    It really is.
    Time and time again I'll be going through the audio workouts and it feels like Ken is actually in the room with me. He know when tension is creeping in ,he knows when the struggles appear and he just knows how your voice is working at that exact given moment.
    The guidance is phenomenal it really is.
    So I've been on the course for almost a year now and I still prefer doing the audio workouts alongside Ken.I'd still rather be certain that im doing it correctly.
    I have however condensed the workouts in each volume missing out certain speaking parts but everything is still there in order so it's all good.
    Recently I went back to the early workouts because I was feeling that I wasn't quite getting volume 3 as perfect as I wanted.
    So I went back and did volumes 1 and 2 back to back.Decided that I would do this for a while.Then I went and started to do volume 2 twice and sometimes 3 times a day.
    Been keeping this going for about 6 weeks.
    Now to be honest it wasn't that I was struggling with volume 3 really it was that I just wanted a little bit more foundation in there so that I could tackle volume 3 with a bit more ease so as a preference I didn't mind going back to previous volumes.
    I feel it's not always about having to get through to the end you know.
    I am at the moment running through volumes 2 ,sometimes twice, and then a run through of volume 3 and what a difference.
    My main point here is that KTVA course just seems to keep on giving and it's been a complete joy.
    I used to find even the thought of scales boring but not anymore.
    I actually look forward to the workouts,they are incredible and if I miss a day I feel really gutted because of the daily improvements on my voice.
    I don't want to miss a day man.
    Never underestimate the power of these volumes. Each one serves the other so don't be afraid to go back.
    By going back you sometimes are moving on.
    Well that's how I feel anyways.
    It's a wonderful experience learning more and more about the voice and what it can do and I thank god I found this course.
    Ken's demos on YouTube are always top notch aswell and they always leave me with a big smile on my face. So good.
    I can still honestly say it's the best money I've ever spent on myself.
    All the best
    And of course... good singing to you all.
    Now I'm away to sing a song..

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Wayne is right when he says going back and reviewing previous Volumes is actually a part of moving forward. You find details that you understand better than you did previously, based on the work you have accomplished in the mean time. With your more informed perspective, you glean even more of the basic principles of KTVA, as many of us knew nothing about real singing initially. The course is so comprehensive, it can be a lot of information at once. We are so tempted to move ahead quickly to learn all of the information, and sometimes race ahead to see what's next.

    Going back to previously completed lessons for reviews always reveals new nuances that make even more sense with the knowledge gained from six months or a year's practice and implementation.

    I've been working the KTVA program for a few years now, and had my best singing night EVER last night. I knocked 'em dead! I amazed myself at the freedom I had to go for notes that came into my head. I went where I wanted to go vocally, and jaws were dropping all around the club, song after song. And this was during last set of a five-hour gig... fresh as a daisy... and I'm no spring chicken, either.

    Wayne is absolutely right when he says this is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving... If you are looking to improve your voice, to gain freedom from hoarseness, to sing notes you thought would NEVER come from your voice, It is THE BEST THING you will EVER do for yourself, the BEST GIFT you will ever give yourself.

    Don't wait... I fooled around for a whole year, after seeing Ken on YouTube, before I bought the program. I lost a whole year of vocal progress. I count that as a lost year, now that I know what I know now... I tried ALL of those other vocal courses. I spent YEARS on them. They didn't work. This one does.

    Do it today. Get started NOW. Your voice will grow and keep on growing, for as long as you work Ken's program. Every day you move on a little further.

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    olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    Loved reading that Bob man.
    Always great to hear stories like this.
    It's true though I'd have been struggling with doing the long gigs myself because my technique was so bad in the past.
    Nowadays I can sing a 3 hour set and feel better at the end than I did at the start.
    Still blows my mind.
    That's a selling point for this course alone.
    It's flipping mega
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    alancralancr Pro Posts: 41
    Yes, the course does work! Before starting with KTVA, my pitch was not good. It was really obvious when recording. Plus I had very little stamina and was very inconsistent vocally. You know what I mean. Some days not too bad. Other days, not good at all.

    Since starting the program several weeks ago, my range, tone, stamina, and pitch have improved considerably. It's also just a lot easier to sing and to blend well with others. I'm a guitarist and have accompanied other vocalists for long enough that some people still don't know that I sing. Recently, I was working with a true tenor. There was one phrase that he was having trouble singing without straining. As a baritone, I was able to sing the entire song (including that phrase) with no trouble or strain whatsoever.

    So to answer the original question, YES!! Absolutely it does work! In my case, there was considerable improvement in the very beginning. Since then, the improvement has been steady. There are weeks in which it feels like I have hit a plateau. Then, suddenly, there is another improvement. Just give it your best, be consistent, and actively look for areas of needed improvement, and you will get better!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Yes, KTVA works, and it works well!

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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    Before KTVA I struggled to sustain a C4. My voice would flip into a thin falsetto around D4. Some would consider me a Bass voice as I can sing E2 (lowest note on a guitar). I was so frustrated as the majority of songs I wanted to sing are in the D4 to D5 range. I've been doing KTVA exercises for 11 months and have eliminated my vocal break. I can reach an A5 in scale exercises and easily sing up to G4 when performing rock. I'm able to sing in the C5-D5 range in my practice but want to build a bit more strength before using that area in front of others.

    Does KTVA work? Absolutely.

    Rob (50 yrs young)
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Does KTVA work for you? Students, let's hear YOUR stories!

    : ^)

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    streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    edited November 2015
    Just to reiterate

    Everything a singer ever needed to know, including compression, distortion, proper breath support and what it does, proper head voice, falsetto, vibrato, mid-range, expanding chest, Mixed Voice, proper procedure to get mixed voice(Only source i have ever found that does this) Mask, Navigating Consonants, vocal health, how to record, how to prepare for live performance, Tone, textures, styles and so much more. Set out in an easy to understand work flow. This course is sometimes labelled as a Heavy Rock Vocal course... and it is. It teaches things other courses and certainly teacher's are scared to teach. It teaches the extremes but what isn't really advertised as much is that if you listen to the vids and the cd's is that you learn to sing softer and less athletic styles as well. In fact you are encouraged constantly to work the exercises in both a lighter voice and a heavier chestier tone once you develop the necessary technique and 'Buffness' This course works if you put the time in. The full course is designed is for those who want to become professional singers. I have been at it for about 7-8months and can belt out a B4 in full chest consistently and can hit an A5 In head voice on a good day. I haven't started the last portion of the course because i believe in order to get the full benefit of what is being offered here, One probably needs about 12-18 weeks for Vol. 1 and 2 each and about 4 months (and beyond as this becomes a pre gig ritual and can almost completely eliminate off nights) on Vol.3 before moving onto head voice. There is also a ton of Content on the forums including webinars and in Depth tutorials with live students from the foundations of Awesome singing to Advanced concepts. KTVA works. Period. End of Story. Maybe some of the other DIY courses do as well to some degree but nowhere near as quickly, as completely or as effectively. This course will grow your voice for years. This is the Equivalent of getting Rock guitar lessons off Steve Vai or Tennis lessons off Roger Federer. Perfect Technique and you can do whatever you want with it. Now with Audio sample. I couldn't even hit the chorus to Under the Bridge in January 2014 and was also told by Previous Voice teachers i was a low Bari and Would be stuck Crooning the rest of my life. This audio was recorded about 8 months in. https://soundcloud.com/treeterearnsowtoing

    Save yourself literally years of vocal instruction, time and money. Buy this course. It makes all other vocal instruction obsolete. All killer, no filler. Do the work, do what Ken says and take all the guess work out of how to build a killer vocal apparatus.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Tell it, brother! Look no further to begin your vocal quest! The path begins here!
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    jwilkinsonjwilkinson Pro Posts: 1
    Ken tamplin is the real deal! Purchasing KTVA was the best thing I ever did for my voice!
    Check out some of my vocals here https://youtu.be/mXUEq_tXInM
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    GuitarManGaryGuitarManGary Pro Posts: 2
    edited January 2016
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    GastonSGastonS Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2016
    No program even comes close to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy! KTVA helped me become a finalist on La Voz (mexico) and my voice just keeps better and better. Here's my latest guys, Hello Rocks Style! check it out! Peace - Gaston - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffuku8Q-oEU&feature=youtu.be
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    nath_99nath_99 Pro Posts: 2

    Hi everyone, I'd like to put my story forward.

    I am a guitar player first and foremost. I was never comfortable with my singing voice. I was always nervous and self-concious about it. I decided to bite the bullet and get some singing lessons to help with my employability as a professional musician.

    I bought Ken's course and started working through it. I took a webcam lesson with Ken to make sure I was doing everything correctly. He is a very easy guy to get along with. He made me feel at ease straight away and helped put me on the right track. This is a testament to Ken as a person. He has some pretty damn good singers in his client list, but the fact that he took an hour out of his day to help a beginner like me, was fantastic and very encouraging.

    When I first started I was barely able to hit any note above the Bass/Baritone range, without having to go into falsetto. (This actually helped me develop my falsetto) After working through just VOLUME 1 of Ken's course (there are 3) I was able to hit A4 (A above middle C) in chest voice, no problems.!!

    I have been able to get some work with a Beatles tribute band playing the part of Paul McCartney. As well as being a natural lefty and learning his bass lines, I've had to learn his lead lines and his harmonies. Without Ken's course, I wouldn't be able to do it.

    For those of you who don't know, McCartney's vocals in the Beatles and Wings, sit consistently in what we call the 'Passagio' or the passageway between chest voice and head voice. This is a spot where we usually don't hang around (sing consistently) in, but McCartney does this, so it's imperative that you build a strong chest voice to hit those high notes.. otherwise you'll start to Yodel haha.

    I did a gig the other day and got great feedback on my vocals from the MC of the function and from the sound guy, who has worked with some big names here in Australia. Put simply, Ken's course has given me the confidence to get up on stage and sing.

    If you are still undecided, think about this... Ken has a student that represented her country in the Eurovision song contest... If that is not a strong enough endorsement on Ken's teaching technique and he as a vocal coach/mentor then I don't know what is.

    Good luck and good singing to ya!

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    ccccccc830ccccccc830 Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 7
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    I wanted to start with a little backstory before I tell my experience with the program thus far.
    I originally came from a program called Sing with Freedom from a vocal coach named Per Bristow. Now Per is a very nice fella but he makes a lot of misleading claims and I believed some of those claims.

    I did Per's program for a year straight, and I was not able to do much. Strength wise I never learned very much of anything. Firstly he doesn't believe in breath support and doesn't teach us any vowels but suggests that you already know perfect vowels. I was a beginner and he said it was perfect for beginners that is one of the lies. His methods were bit unorthodox compared to anything else I learned before. I originally thought that was a special thing I'm happy that there are people who are thinking different, but sometimes you get it completely wrong. The only thing he truly focuses on relaxing the muscles. Now that is not a terrible thing, muscles being relaxed is great but not having the strength or ability to do anymore is not so great. The only thing I have learned truly is the physiology of the voice and singing in general and performance tips. Which is what it his program should really be called.

    When I came to Ken Tamplin's program in 1-2 days I now can sing those crazy notes that I couldn't sing because I believed that you shouldn't care about support or not have any support. I noticed that I also had a lot more tension than I thought. The thing with Per's program is that muscle relaxation is key. I spent a year relaxing the muscles. However, in one just day of Ken Templin's program, all of my muscle tension was gone like I have never seen before.

    With Per's program, it was divided in months and was also based on a subscription monthly payment plan. Ken warned about these type of coaches before now I see why. These are things to learn from however and I will thank Per for helping me to relax my muscles.

    I only started yesterday and look forward to singing with so much more strength than ever before. I am truly amazed and cannot wait to perform with these new methods and see how they work.

    A word of warning I leave to you, be careful who you trust especially vocal coaches.

    Happy singing!

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    edited November 2016
    Hi, Colin.

    I'm embarrassed to say that I also wasted money on Per Bristow's product. It was so bad that I'm actually ashamed to say that I paid good money for it and got essentially nothing. He did tell me to relax. That's about it.

    Oh, yeah, and he said to not worry about singing bad notes or sounding bad. I believe he said "Give yourself permission" to sing bad notes or something like that. Like the audience at a concert or a nightclub is going to "give me permission" to sing out-of-key and make a fool of myself.

    I think he makes a great hypnotist. A good hypnotist can make you think you're a chicken or bark like a dog... or tell you that you sound fine, when you sound terrible.

    And yes, WHILE MAKING THE PURCHASE for the advertised rate, they hit me up for an upsell. A video that "most people say really helped them to understand the program better" was only available then. If I clicked away, then it would NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN. Well, I fell for that, too.

    SO my hundred and twenty dollar purchase became a hundred and sixty dollar purchase in a matter of seconds, because I fell for the pressure tactics of the sales funnel.

    THEN they sell you the SUBSCRIPTION, which is "very helpful to keep progressing" and that costs even more money, and if you buy into that, you are paying continually...

    I learned two things from that experience.
    1. Relax while I'm robbing you.
    2. There is a sucker born every minute. Me.

    I still have his program, but I'm actually embarrassed to watch it. In my opinion, it's terrible. I learned nothing about singing from it, other than there are some really bad programs that charge a lot of money for nothing.

    I have a pile of singing programs that I paid a small fortune for. Yes, I bought that other one that is so famous, too. It was a little better than Per's but it really only wasted about 2 1/2 years of my life, making me think it would eventually work if I only kept trying harder. It didn't.

    When I bought Ken Tamplin's program, I never had to buy another singing program. I got busy improving my voice like I had been trying to do in the first place.

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Another thing about the upsells that many of the other vocal programs are guilty of... I got an email solicitation just the other day from another program (a very, very famous one) that was offering a "huge discount" for their program (Black Friday, Christmas Sale, etc...)

    What I saw was kind of sickening. One of their programs (on mix) was "discounted" on this special sale to $250. They said it was marked down. The other products on that site seemed to be similarly "discounted".

    I bought that same program some time ago from them for $125. It looks to me like they actually DOUBLED the price for this big "discount" sale. Oh, yeah, and the program is virtually worthless, too. Smoke and mirrors.

    Buyers Beware.

    If you buy some of these other programs that charge separately for the basic program, and then again for mix, then again for vibrato, then again for singing in tune, then again for singing harmony, then again to access their videos, then again to get access to their paid singers forums, then again for additional new programs and subscriptions, you will pay around $600 to 800 for their programs. These are the same ones that say KTVA is really "expensive".

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    viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
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    I've wanted to be a singer since I was 12.
    2 years later,I begun learning guitar-playing and got just fine at it.
    However I tried a vocal class (a demonstrative lessons from that class,let's say) at the same music school on which I was studying how to play the guitar.

    That coach said I should sing and clap my fingers at the same in order to improve my muscular/body memory. She also talked about diaphragma and how to use such.

    That's all. People who attended her classes for a long time were still improving those 2 aspects.

    She and each of her students had very little,near no voice resonance comparing to Ken and his famous pupil Gabriela.

    All other vocal tutors I found on YouTube are no match for Ken and Gabriela as well.

    Those "student's before and after" videos Ken uploads are outstanding. Plus,he is the ONLY vocal coach (Im aware of) to do this on youtube.

    Singing with bigness (call register) and a high yet natural timbre has being my unaccomplished dream for about 8 years. The first time I watched his video lessons on YT my hopes got rebirthed.

    Since I begun both my resonance and breath capacity got improved like crazy (One of the reasons I gave up back then was how little resonance my speaking and singing voice had).

    When I begun I couldn't reach higher than B3 with chest.
    Now,after a very little time of rehearsing,I can hit C4 with chest just fine.

    I couldn't sustain a note. I was never on pitch(still working on that). Ive never felt my vocal chords being used(moving) during my singing before. KTVA turns absolute begginers like me into people who know what's going on with their voices.

    Btw,Ken never uses too much terms. His "fair and simple" termology as well as instructions are proper specially to get a beginner moving forth instead of giving up.

    This is my personal opinion on KTVA.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Lots of great comments in this thread!
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    badtimmy89badtimmy89 Pro Posts: 16
    Yes. I am a newer student to the KTA. Similar to allot of cases here, once you start these lessons, you will know that all the other training you paid for was mostly garbage. And not even the instructors can prove themselves to work. I had been trying to learn how to sing 5 years prior to the KTA in that time had not much success. just 4 months and a few discs in, the improvement is incredible. I sing because I enjoy it, but it very gratifying to be getting complements, co workers egging you on sing with radio. I remember reading these comments before purchasing the KTA and wondering if these were comments were just made to attract customers. I can reassure that its the best singing lessons in the biz and these are real comments.
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    KaiEllisKaiEllis Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 215
    Absolutely the best vocal training I've ever gotten. I can stop praying for those money notes every night. Now I know they'll be there.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
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    javajava Member Posts: 1
    I am sorry I am so far from you guys,Mr.Tamplin is a bomb and Gabriela and Tori are princesses with angelic voices.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    The sooner you get started, the sooner you start making progress!
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    bandband Pro Posts: 61
    I have done 3 or 4 online courses and taken lessons from 3 different coaches in different styles... Nothing compares to the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Still AMAZING value for money. Big thanks!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Nice that you still feel that way, @band, after all this time and opportunity to compare. I agree. I've taken many courses, and none compare to the quality of KTVA.
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    bandband Pro Posts: 61
    Well, I haven't been practicing as much in the last few years, but whenever I try to figure anything out vocally, I always go back to KTVA as my first source of information.
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    viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
    edited October 2017
    I had near no pitch sense nor range before. I even had speaking issues due to bad support and I couldnt stand the sound of my own voice.

    After a year of trainning, the amount of range I got was very impressive. I got a lot of control upon my voice compared to before. I can honestly say I like my current voice, although its still needing further improviment.

    Im happy I made such progress in a little time,instead of losing my time and money with other methods from teachers who nobody knows about.

    Ken is a successful singer. Is tought to compete with him. Some other YT singing coaches try their best to make people avoid approaching Ken. That shows how bad they are. They`re dissesperated.
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    deleteuserdeleteuser Member Posts: 18
    i was searching around for a guide i watched many videos they were all good for a newbie like me i used to be my own teacher in some cases but sometimes you feel its not enough so you start looking around when i first click on one of kens video he was singing november rain,i have to say this he was with those long hair and excited face, i got alot of positive energy from him he was like the one who is full of passion that day i couldn't stop my self to watch his videos one by one and i realized this is what am i looking for, i find useful guides on his youtube videos and i still use to practice on that way he told,im planning for other lessons when im done with my first step.
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    NemoNemo 2.0 PRO Posts: 37
    I'm a working musician and songwriter.
    I've tried loads of different teachers, and recently checked out loads of online teachers.
    In eleven weeks (towards the end of Volume One) I found my voice - a voice like I've never produced before. I'm only 20% in now, and something magical is happening.
    My sense is that Ken Tamplin has worked out a way to combine the best of Bel Canto with the best of contemporary approaches to singing: from R&B to Soul to Rock.
    Better still - Ken is straight-up about the 'sweat equity' it takes to transform your voice. It's about making new muscle-memory, and like becoming 'ripped' at the gym, the body requires persistence and regularity in order to re-configure. He reckons 1 year for people like me. I admire that - it's roughly what it took me to learn instruments in the past.
    Other courses offer crazy (and fraudulent, in my view) 'learn in one month' offers.
    I feel so strongly that Ken has developed something incredible that I believe this should be taught as the new 'orthodoxy' - it's that revolutionary.
    But it takes time and patience.
    But it works. It really works.
    And you gotta admire Ken's enthusiasm for this stuff.
    Get onboard, work hard and this method will take you there, no question.

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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    @Nemo I agree totally. Ken's honesty about what it takes is something I find very refreshing ... the world is full of people peddling false hopes. Ken is the real deal! I've tried all sorts of methods as well but nothing has helped me 'find my voice' like Ken's program has.
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    DeannaDeanna Pro Posts: 1
    I was told I was tone deaf. Thanks to Ken Tamplin, I now know that I'm not. And also thank you for... I've been brave enough to try some open mic nights. I couldn't be more thrilled!
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    Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,004
    @nemo great attitude and understanding on how tKTVa works man, you are gonna get far in this program! good for you!
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    NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 2.0 PRO Posts: 241
    Well I can not tell for anyone else than my own, but just here on the forums, I did learn a lot, if you are open to constructive criticism, it helped me grow as a signer, and as a person. I bought Ken's class and I aint buy no means a professional, it's just a family band here for fun. (Hubby plays the bass, son plays the guitar both electric and accoustic, my other son plays the keyboard, and I play flute and drum but just a little of both) so my voice was my own personal choice......not a star far from it bu Ken's classes opened up a hole new world for me so I am very thankfull for him and will tell anyone who wants to sing that he's the best teach ever.... :)
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    Elijah9Elijah9 2.0 PRO Posts: 73
    Hello everybody !

    I want to be a rockstar,tour around the world,make arena's full of fans...etc...BUT i'm 19 and i faced a really tought decision and i hope that somebody can help me.I was trying and practicing for more than a year to sing and i was doing it wrong until i watch some of Ken videos and streams for a quite some time.So because i really want to make singing my life should i just buy a course or should i just go for a vocal coach,because he can say to me when i'm doing it wrong and what should i correct??? I know that i can book live session's with Ken but i am not in the situation to do so.Male,tenor who is trying to train his soft palate to stay up to maintain open throat.
    I hope that somebody can give me honest help and thanks in advance.
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    MystiMysti 2.0 PRO Posts: 339
    edited March 2019
    Hi, @Ilija

    I looked through your posts and see that you are dedicated to learning to sing well. As someone who is obviously willing to put in the time, I think getting Ken’s course is the best thing you can do for yourself. The cost is a very small investment for your career. You can also save what you would spend on the vocal coach for weekly lessons and use that to get some one-on-one with Ken once per volume and still come out way ahead.

    For me, I spent a lifetime singing incorrectly and never got anywhere. I wish there had been something like this course when I was 19.

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    singermagesingermage 2.0 PRO Posts: 11
    Well, I have said quite a lot in my introduction page:


    I am urged to add a bit about Ken's manner. I believe his nice attitude, humility and conciousness makes him an absolute star shining among other so-called vocal coaches-experts. He makes you believe that achieving singing is not that hard. Also he is very giving, you learn little pieces from his videos and that is what meks it so tempting. Open many other videos, you will hear lots of analyzes but.. It means nothing for a music enthiusiast when all you hear become so similar. KTVA is tempting because it makes you wander about the content a lot. "That awesome fellow tells that much in free videos; how about the paid system?"

    Most of other vocal-somethings makes me feel I am at a concert hall that people around me shuts me up so the one on stage sings and only that sound is heard. On the other hand, KTVA feels like you are in a musical. He sings, she sings, they sing, everyone sings. Very joyful and they seem like they'll welcome you while you join, clap hands, bang head, etc.

    Last thing I want to share is the moment I decide to get the full package course. That was the moment that I listened Ken singing Child in Time. Well, the truth is actually in the singing; that humble man with deep knowledge on singing tops Ian Gillen of 70s is the moment.
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    birdcherrybirdcherry Pro Posts: 32
    Ken Templin's course was the best investment I did in my entire singing career. I've been to two actual vocal coaches before that, with no actual improvement...well, you can read my story here:

    I started being almost at point of quitting singing. Now I feel better and stronger then ever. Ken's knowledge and generosity with which he gives away all information are unbelievable.
    Ken's Academy helped me to learn my strengths and weaknesses, helped me realize that nobody is perfect after all and first of all you have to accept your own voice to know where to go from there.
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    SteveStanSteveStan 2.0 PRO Posts: 81
    edited April 2022
    As someone long involved in public speaking--but who had NEVER sung--I signed up for the speaking course first but almost immediately transitioned to the singing one. My normal speaking voice is F2-A2 range. I was going hoarse after 5 hours of speaking. Small chest, distorted nose--always thought I could never sing but my public speaking was always fine, not great but never bad (with some inadvertent and thus hit and miss diaphragmatic support as it turns out). Never a singer, I had NO bad habits, I did have some resonance, and some unintentional diaphragmatic breathing, so there is that.

    MIND YOU, INITIAL PROGRESS IS ALWAYS EASY with the right information. That said:

    In late January 2022, when I first started watching videos from the speaking course, the top of anything I could produce short of head voice was G3. I had absolutely no control over the sound produced. I could not even start the triads until weeks later and the Volume 1 scales until mid-March. The sound I produced when I first tried a scale was grotesque. But at 47, I know to move slowly and surely.

    So now in mid-April, I have more resonance, controlled diaphragmatic breathing (still working on controlling full abdominal support), my speaking tone, which is what I need professionally, has obviously improved, I can get up to C4# while trying to sing in chest (vs G3), I am making my first very low volume bridging exercises.

    I do understand that I need at least 1 year of constant exercises to get a singing tone and I am in no hurry as speaking, not singing is what helps pay the bills. Everyone should realize that high achievements ALWAYS involve moments of frustration and plateaus, and going back to fundamentals. It does not matter if it is chemistry, or history, or singing, it is inevitable. So when that happens, remember to paraphrase Ken: progress is not the avoidance of frustration and road blocks but the management of frustration and road blocks, which are inevitable.

    So far KTVA has been transformative for me on a personal level since it gave me a realistic hope that eventually I will be able to sing decently, and by that I mean rock, and it has already worked great for me in just 3 months since Baby Step 1. Again, always remember that initial improvement with great information is easy, gotta manage the harder next phase where consistency will be key and a more reasonable, much slower rate of progress will be normal.

    Financially, this is hands down the greatest purchase of my life in terms of value: nothing comes remotely close. To be a lifelong fan of rock who never thought would be able to sing one song and to be given realistic hope + the information to get there, methodically, is priceless.

    EDIT: btw, humming is incredibly effective for me. Having a distorted nose, I wake up with a dried up throat and humming is king in getting me set up for the day. It is like motor oil to an engine. It feels that it also helps build resonance.
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    KTVA is the best, great @SteveStan and congrats on your progress :)
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    Esteban22Esteban22 3.0 Streaming Posts: 17
    It absolutely doesn work, Heck, I've been here for 2 months and I cannot recognize my own voice, in the good sense.
    I love how I am sounding. I have a long way to go to sing like those great artists, or ktva students that have been singing for a lot longer than me. My voice isn't very strong yet and I've learned to not try to make it loud, just chill. But it is stronger than before.
    My range has gone up so much. Actually, my actual voice may have gained one semitone, that is, my chest voice. Maybe. But, I ganed many tones because I unlocked the power that comes with good technique; so my chest voice can go higher than before because of diaphragmatic support, and I discovered my head voice, or falsetto voice.

    I can sing for much longer; much much longer. Actually, before KTVA, doing a lip roll would make my chords sore, irritated, and my voice would be weak.
    Now, this is provided I follow the safety indications; otherwise I will shock my voice.

    It does work; however, the videos might be confusing on their own. Make sure to use the forum!!!! I cannot stress this enough! Ken explains the concept, but the mods clear it all out perfectly; or at leat narrow it down so much that you'll end up understanding what you couldn't understand shortly after reading what they have to say to you.

    Never seen a better singing course or vocal coach ever; with such fast and REAL results. From the first time I did a lip roll on KTVA, I actually felt ages better than how I was doing it before.

    Just protips for beginners like me: Don't be too loud. Again, you may have a lot of power on KTVA, but it is a balancing act. Don't be loud, keep a gentle, gentle volume. Also don't try to push your chest nor head voice too high. Just don't strain Don't go too high too early at the beginning of a warmup, it might help to not shock your voice too early.

    An amazing course, it has been a miracle for me. I cannot yet sing better than anyone else, but I can sing better than most of my friends! Even some of the ones that have actually been singing for a while!

    God bless you all, to great singing
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Glad it is all coming together for you! You're just getting started. You'll find that the improvements keep on happening.

    Alll the Best!

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    VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602

    Awesome to hear the progress you have already made in 2 months congrats. I have been doing the course for 5 years now and even at this point getting improvements.
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